should we change our name?the reason was that he was embarrassed by his name

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.and the united states is the country where many chinese auto brands want to make inroads.

gac in early 2017 detroit auto show, usa on three models:gs7, pure electric ge3 and enspirit concept car.

, and on bbs abroad, gac has also made a hot discussion, and it's certainly a pleasure to get the buzz.maybe this is the attraction of our products in the united states.

"i depend, these chinese companies learn so terms of the design and results of the exterior interior, these cars are already like the design level of korean cars 10 years ago, which is a great achievement in such a short time."

, however, the majority of the hot debate on bbs is good, but it is a joke about the name of the car.

:the local people of the united states who were watching the trumpchi booth were just for shooting the tail of the trumpchi, because the name"trumpchi"and their president"hit the name"!

"gac preach qi","trump", what's the relationship between the two names?it doesn't seem to matter.

:don't worry, if you change your english name, the relationship will be great!

announced kei english name as"trumpchi","chinese"legend".

"trump"represents the lead and the trump card, and the latter part"chi"represents china china.

and the american president's name is trump, coinciding with the first half of the"trumpchi", and it's no wonder that the local people are making fun of it.

"like the name trumpchi, looks like trump china."

sounds very sarcastic.

and gac chairman feng xingya also laughed to say:"trumpchi is trump's wife, this is a good thing!"

because"trumpchi"is opened to chinese pronunciation like"trump"and"wife".

so, with the president of the united states involved in relationship trump, seems to be a good thing to help brand publicity.

may be the same as the manufacturer, but in just a few months, gac leaders are not happy.

because after trump took office, there has been controversy, also amounted to less than 40% approval ratings,

so the name"coincidence"although can achieve brand publicity effect, but it is more likely to affect the kei trumpchi image in the heart of the united states!

gac kei may also be aware of the seriousness of the problem, helplessly publicly announced:

"we realized that it may be bad for the promotion of brand in the us first, gac was planning to enter the in recent years, and the plan is likely to be delayed.

, and says that it is likely to make minor adjustments in naming.

while in china,"the kei"has a"good wish"good moral, but in the united states with this wonderful work of coincidence, by the american people.

, in view of this situation, qiqi wants to enter the us market, and the change of name can only be a matter of nail.

with net friend's words:if after a few years or decades later, kei is really successful, then the name may be a much-told story.