top 10 most expensive domestic cars!the first place in the list is to be silent!


your intuitive feelings of chinese-made cheap, quality manufactured, editing to have to update the idea of fact, the domestic car has made great progress in recent years.the quality has been improved a few grades and the price has gone up.the top 10 most expensive domestic cars, zhongtai on the list, the first one to be silent.

name:10 baic saab d80

the highest selling price:268800

comments:saab d80, this name more listen to more little weird, and the pig nose logo, who will focus on you and mercedes e with a

9 saic chase g10

the highest price:269800

comments:high-end mpv, chinese-made only chase g10 can do.eighth:

harvard h9

the highest selling price:272800

comments:a harvard h6 with a facade, harvard h9 think how to play how to play, do not know how long can capricious?

seventh:praise brilliance china 7

the highest selling price:287700

comments:ode to china 7 street rate is very low, in fact, the car itself, or the quality, the local tyrants give a chance to bai!

6:roewe 980

the highest selling price:289800

comments:as domestic abandoned gradually to the joint venture official car, administrative level model roewe 950 car could usher in the spring.

5:beijing bj80

the highest selling price:298000

comments:research and development of"reverse"is good, is a blind man can see bj80 shanzhai mercedes g.

4:zhongtai sr7 gal limited edition

the highest selling price:366700

comments:most expensive fuel domestic suv from zhongtai, set limit to 7, but the news is not big enough.

third:na zhi jie master ceo

the highest selling price:418000

comments:don't understand, thought it was lifan, internal luxury modest appearance, is actually a brand from taiwan.

2:red flag h7

the highest selling price:479800

comments:theory of premium brand, i only take the red flag, want to sell how many money to sell how much money!

1 name:red flag l5

lowest price:5 million

comments:(can't comment on)



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