speed and the consequences of life and death will refresh your perception of speed

:when we buy a car, we always care about the power of the car.how many seconds does it take to accelerate 100 km?can 7200 get out of all the streetcars?how much of my honda overruns can knock out tec...

speed and passion is the pursuit of many hot-blooded owners.but the more you learn about speed, the more you will be in awe of speed.today we talk about speed and security.

says the speed and security, the first thing we think about is the braking distance.we all know that the higher the speed, the longer the brake, but how big is the difference?

has been tested by the relevant media before and shared with everyone.


20 km/h the braking distance

when the speed is 20 km/h, from on the pedal to the car brake completely, distance is only 1 m or so.


40 km/h the braking distance

when increase the speed to 40 km/h, braking distance is about a body length, which is 5 meters.


80 km/h the braking distance

when the speed of 80 km/h, braking distance was significantly longer, about 25 meters.

, from the above data, the braking effect should be very good.you know, we are now most of the family car, hundreds of kilometers of braking distance approximately 40 m, and this is just the experimental data, haven't combined with reaction time and special condition of road surface friction coefficient, if all these added, braking distance will increase significantly.

:the relationship between the speed and the braking distance is learned, and we know to keep the right distance, especially when the speed is high.and when we learn about the impact of different speeds, we are more in awe of the speed.


15 km/h collision

this rate is our urban traffic jam or traffic lights start frequent collision speed, the basic main auto parts will not cause damage, but before and after the change is inevitable.


30 km/h collision

30 km/h speed collision basic is the downtown of collision accidents are common, can damage, anticollision beam before and after the engine cover, and lights, but no damage engine main parts, will not be injured, airbag may not pop up.


50 km/h collision

50 km/h is car quantity antenatal must do crash tests.as we all know, the speed of 50 is not too high, and we often feel bad about it.but judging from the results of the collision, it's not as simple as we think.

, the speed bump, the airbag will pop up, the headproof beam will be completely destroyed, the tank will be destroyed, and the frame may be slightly deformed.but in general, the space in the car will still be well preserved and the person will not suffer any serious damage.


64 km/h collision

this speed, the laboratory to collision the canon often take 40% overlap, and simulate most of the traffic accident scene.after the collision, the cabin was badly damaged, the wheel was distorted or even broken, and some of the column a was deformed.the image above is the famously safe volvo, and the a column has little impact.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/pin the case of safety belts, the occupants are generally not in danger of life, but they are inevitably injured.

64km/h can be said to be a safe collision speed, and those five star collision results are tested at this speed.if the speed is exceeded, the casualty rate will be much higher.


90 km/h collision

if the speed of 90 km/h, in most cases can lead to an elderly, if encounter big trucks, it will be even more deadly.


140 km/h collision

when the speed of 140 km/h, slight collision, the car will be out of control, then the whole car spinning, jumping, the occupants are run.07

200 km/h collision

a 200 km per hour car crashed into the wall is what feeling?have you ever stepped on a can?it's almost like that.what about the people in the car?have you ever seen an egg drop on the ground?well, it's almost like that.approve

800 km/h collision

look at the picture, don't talk.

:if there's a collision between a small car and a small car, the car and the big van collided, and that's basically...

car is afraid to collide with a big car, one is because the difference in the tonnage of the two is too far, the car is extremely easy to be destroyed;the other is that the car is extremely easy to get under the cart, and the car roof will be cut off directly.

so the back of the cart to safety barrier, but how many cart behind the fence is qualified, don't know.

cherish life







then wordy:must fasten your seat belt when driving, and to fasten your seat belt, right don't speeding, keep, keep the brake, keep an eye on big trucks.if we do that, god will cover us.(if you find it useful, please share it with others)


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