car steering and common error shooting

dozen car steering wheel are the basic skills of driving, but many people who don't know about first student driver, car drive information change, and rapid reaction through the steering wheel is the most important part of security, therefore, to this end, today small make up specially compiled some dozen car steering wheel knowledge, to share with you the owner.before talking about the steering wheel of the car, it is necessary to understand the steering wheel principle of the car first.we should learn the theory well before the actual operation.

car steering wheel works

car steering wheel is a manipulation, is one of the car's steering system parts.the principle of the whole steering mechanism is to turn the circular motion into a straight motion through the gear rack, and push the wheel to rotate.if you talk about the steering wheel in physics, it's a lever.the radius of the steering wheel is the length of the arm, and the larger the steering wheel, the less effort.

automobile steering gear is divided into several types.the most common is the rack gear type steering and circular ball type steering gear.the pinion gear steering system has rapidly become the type of steering system commonly used in automobiles, minivans and suvs.its working mechanism is very simple.the rack and pinion gears are wrapped in a metal tube, and the teeth of the rack are protruding out of the metal tube, and are connected by a crossbar.the pinion is attached to the steering shaft.when turning the steering wheel, the gears rotate to drive the rack.the rod of the rack is connected to the steering arm of the steering shaft.

is currently used in many lorries and suvs.the pull rod of its rotating wheel is slightly different from the rack and gear steering system.the pull rod of the rotating wheel is slightly different from the gear steering system of the rack.the circular ball type steering gear has a crucible rod, and the dynamic steering principle of the circular ball system is similar to that of the rack gear system.the auxiliary power is also provided by injecting high-pressure liquid into the side of the metal block.

automobile steering wheel method

1, first to master the safer steering wheel the case of a clock, such as the steering wheel, the front is 0, i.e.the left hand is held near the 9 point of the steering wheel, and the right hand is near 3.both hands should grasp the steering wheel and relax.the thumb should be naturally on the steering wheel.

2, hit the steering wheel, his hands to turn the direction.when the steering wheel turns around, the left hand turns to half and the right hand follows.

3, the steering wheel to the left, a lot of people like to pay with the right hand steering wheel, feel so shengjin, actually such risk is very high, once there's an emergency, the hand of the tao in the steering wheel easily stuck even card is broken, and the arm is easy to hurt.

4, while maintaining high speed(90 km) above, must not touch the steering wheel, can make a toggle the wheel a little car running deviation, easy to produce risk.the steering wheel can only move slightly.don't relax your hands.don't be too tight.

on the freeway, many people will relax their vigilance, but it is very easy to have the correct grip of the steering wheel without paying attention to the steering wheel.when the speed is higher, the more it is not allowed to hit the steering wheel.the best method of control is to steer with both hands trying not to leave the steering wheel;and the angle of rotation is around 45, so that the inertia can't get out of control.many people control the steering wheel with one hand and look handsome, but they can't react correctly in case of a sudden accident.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>as long as you can to solve how to quickly make the steering wheel back is can be done, while holding the steering wheel with one hand push, same one hand pull way, but now have to vacate a hand to move to another location near the one hand, to turn the steering wheel;or hold the steering wheel in either external or inside high speed rotary steering wheel can relax when the palm to back, but not allow it to rotate, hands still need to hold the steering wheel can control condition, so can follow one's inclinations between the best in the streets.

turn of car steering wheel play

slow curved play slow, slow early back to back to the earlier;you must play fast and get back quickly.slow play slow back;quick fight, quick able to anticipate your ability to prepare your hands before turning to them.and you have to think about the is basically left hand, single hand buckle the wrist rotate way, the right hand side auxiliary, this basically is a skilled work, multifunctional use is familiar.advantage:speed back, the direction is relatively fast defect:easy to slip when sweaty palms.

common mistake car steering wheel play

1, the walking tractor type

this position, etc., often appear in such as the crossroads and effort leisurely posture, but the disadvantage is slow, sometimes zero seconds of kung fu is life on the line, the owner in the process of driving don't slack off.

2, slipped disc play

slide disc play is a driver in a transformation in the process of driving signal.don't think that is very convenient, if the driver is sweaty palms or decorative pattern on the surface of the steering wheel is excessive wear, it's easy to slide plate, at a crucial moment every lightly posture may cause adverse consequences.

3, crossing guard play

this kind of style is common in the novice student driver.whether it's a cross crossing or an anti-cross crossing, a novice can hit the steering wheel in an emergency situation, causing both hands to get tangled up in a way that is not conducive to the next step.beginners should pay special attention to the posture of the steering wheel while driving, maintain the natural state of mind and operate accurately.

4, knead the dough type

this gesture, reminds me of my home downstairs the lanzhou ramen noodle chef knead the's not a very common gesture, but there's one in the newsroom.many times i found him using the gesture while riding in his car.i don't know whether he is a regular rub, or rubbing other things, will have this gesture habit.

5, a type of yang refers to

single refers to the steering wheel, this can only be used for the steering wheel position, turn the steering wheel for is completely wrong.unless you tell me you're practicing a penis, a shaolin, a king kong, or something like that.

6, 11, holding the steering wheel at 1 o 'clock position

this gesture in more, relatively tall seat close to the steering wheel or driver.with this gesture, you can have a full circle, but only half the circle.suggest that you adjust the seat to your position, then adjust the correct gesture.

7, hand wheel, 7, 5 o 'clock position

this gesture is characteristic of playing the direction to move bit by bit, don't worry not dry, tepid, elegant and delicate, very feel you leap show, so more can be found in the driver.but when faced with a sharp bend or an emergency that requires a sharp steering wheel, you can get yourself into a mess, even if you can't even beat it.

8, a hands on the steering wheel, one hand gear lever

a manual car drivers is expected to be shot in the collective.i understand your need to switch gears at any time, i believe your technology is pass, but i still have to remind you that this gesture in the face of some very uneven road, easy to sell in the turbulence of the steering wheel.

:mastering the correct steering wheel of the car can help the owner to develop good driving habits and develop a good sense of direction, which is very important for driving.novice are students or have

years of driving experience old driver, good habits is particularly important, often can save your life when the key, so small make up hope can each owner attaches great importance to the car steering wheel, do happy to go out, go in peace to go home.


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