plan to buy a car next year to pay attention to the new year after the purchase tax has significant change

with the development of the economy, cars are now as popular as mobile phones.the rise of the domestic car has brought more and more selectivity.the state has also introduced a series of preferential policies to promote the development of the automobile industry.

one of car purchases duty preferential policies of the state exit.the policy points out that when buying two or 1.6 liters of the car, the purchase tax is free of charge.after a while, the policy was reduced to half the rate.this policy has greatly promoted the sales of small cars, such as volkswagen's instant and golf, which are selling well.small fuel economy, saving the purchase tax, is very cost-effective.

this year on autos is back, since 2018, new year's day from tax rate of 7.5%, rebounded to 10%, alas, small make up after was going to buy a car, the result changes so fast, like a tornado.

on autos is what?if you want to buy a car, you should pay the how does this tax work?, for example, the owner if before new year's day this year is going to buy 1, 150000 small cars, pay taxes is present 1.17 x 7.5%=150000 9615 yuan, if spent new year's day to buy again, became a 10% tax, so pay taxes is present 1.17 x 10%=$12820, 150000, sent more than 3000 dollars of whole?

so with that said, if a car this year, can save more than three thousand dollars.alas, why should so, small make up always eat meat of time to be unable to catch up, get knife of time is not to run.

, of course, even if you buy a car this year, you can pay less tax, but you need to spend more wisely and do your best.for this change.what do you think about yuanfang?