how many years have you been cheated by rumors in the car industry?


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the author:the elder brother of the regal remarks:welcome to reprint, allowed to copy and paste directly, but must keep the article source

like you are more likely to believe rumors, but there are a lot of rumors letter after it is the presence of a hole.

, for example, the following 5.

this rumor was born in 2002!it was rumored that the small white dots were used for camera angles.

, as long as the white points are taken out, the camera can't be shot on the corner.

really, regal elder brother don't want to say too much, just, your letter may be 12 points.

, and you're like the following expression when you're talking to your uncle about the reason for the white spot.

every time someone says just half a tank of gas, can rise to the purpose of fuel economy, after all this is to reduce the weight of the vehicle!

a fuel tank capacity of about 55-70 l, conversion, according to the sort of 1 l petrol is about 1.5 kg of species.

is calculated by the weight of half of 70l, which is 35l oil, about 52.5 kg.

is calculated according to every 100 catties of the car, the fuel consumption of the 100km can be reduced by 0.6l fuel consumption, 52.5 kg, about 0.3l of oil can be reduced.

fuel consumption is reduced, but the effect is not obvious if you go to the gas station without filling up the high speed.

not only consumes gasoline, so low oil bit at a time may cause burning of oil pump.

rumor saying:the higher the grade of the product, it's the stronger the motivation, the lower the fuel consumption and protect the launch does not produce the effect of carbon deposition.

the gasoline label different represents the octane number, it is also show their antidetonating quality effect is different.

is not to say that the oil power of 95 will be better and more fuel efficient, but it should be judged according to the compression ratio of the engine.

if after a long time don't drink water from the sun also said that to see the bottle bottom logo.

now most of the drinking water bottles are made of pet materials that are more than 120 degrees high to produce harmful substances.

that is to say, your car must be more than 120 degrees to make water bottles release harmful material, but after the elder brother of the regal test.

:the temperature in the car goes to about 70 degrees, and it's still far from 120.

a few years ago a suck with toilet video instant hot network opens the door.

only sees one person spraying the door with water and then using the toilet to take a jab and open the door easily.

well, how do you say?anyone who has used a car key to open the door knows.

:first look at the mechanism of mechanical locks, mechanical lock locks are not"pull"but"rotation".

this opened the door of the house with us operation is the same.

summary:finish see these rumours, the elder brother of the regal laughed for a long time.if you don't believe it, you can test it.

don't believe these rumors of friends please thumb up.

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