the suv will have a panoramic sunroof and even a large seat for as long as 10,000 yuan

gossip not much!not just money but want to buy an suv.


for$30,000, for 3 thousand in a month, no need to envy others.suv, you can have!

1, the baojun 510

official guidance price:54800-69800

from the moment they saw the baojun 510 face before, i was deeply attracted.its sharp headlights remind me of the classic design of a crowd of ultra-luxury brands such as maserati, ferrari 488 and jaguar.

is the level of this it!

interior details are thin, but it's also a great configuration.the length of the car is only 4220mm, but the wheelbase also reaches 2550mm, the standard small suv.

panoramic skylight, reverse image, cruise, aluminum alloy wheel, 8-inch center can't imagine it's in an suv that's under 70,000!

1.5 l engine with 6 speed manual, a maximum 112 horsepower.don't worry about lack of motivation...cut 2 out of 7300 and bmw can only look at your taillights.don't complain that there is no automatic blocking, what automatic transmission is the price?

consumption on average less than 6 l, shifting technology not feel power less...

2, geely vision suv

official guidance price:74900-101900

geely vision suv is currently as red suv, atmospheric founder's appearance, exquisite interiors, geely is not original already that geely.

punch multi-function leather steering wheel, color screen, lining plastic material, a key to start...the internal configuration is no problem more than the joint venture suv!

there are all kinds of"reference"volvo ergonomic chairs.the length of the car is 4500mm, the wheelbase is 2661mm, the quasi-compact suv.

1.8 l engine with 6 block manual transmission, or cvt transmission, open the manual also can choose addition to a slightly weaker starting power, it generally reflects high fuel consumption, which is not particularly bad.

3, the specific speed t5

official guidance price:72900-89900

a lot of people didn't know this brand, specific speed is actually"high-end version of baic phantom speed".although the name is a little rough, but less than 100,000 landing can still have a big seven, the speed t5 is still worth recommending.

interior, is basic to catch up with joint venture models at the same level.the length of the car is 4715mm and the wheelbase reaches 2760mm.this is almost the standard of mid-sized suvs, and once again it is shocked by the cost-effectiveness of autonomous suvs...

such a long wheelbase don't don't take the third row seat to the past, although sit a adults in a little humbled, but something is better than nothing.

1.5 t engine with 6 manual transmission, is sufficient power depends on the operation.the"car"suspension is in general, and the bumpy road is a bit like a pickup truck.

4, mg zs

official guidance price:73800-115800

, after all, still have some british descent vehicle feel a little bit is better than other independent suv western style, the most suitable when the first car of young people.

lace points within the feeling of volkswagen, is working with ali internet system.with the support of ma's father, both rongwei and the viscount are far more than joint ventures in human-computer interaction.

the commander 4314 mm, wheelbase 2585 mm, a small suv, but rest assured full also hold 5 people.

there are 2 sets of power systems:1.5 l+5 mt/4 at engine,+6 at 1.0 t engine.if the budget is sufficient, choose the latter!

5, emgrand gs

official guidance price:77800-108800

be born within 100000 yuan only crossover vehicles, belongs to the emgrand fact, many of the city's suv chassis is low, and the center of gravity is high.besides, there are no other advantages besides space, which may not be better than buying a trans-boundary car like the dihao gs.

interior horizontal even vertical, accord with chinese a crossover model, the panoramic sunroof is not absent naturally.

emgrand gs conductor 4440 mm, wheelbase can reach 2700 mm, is already a compact car.however, the gap between the ground and the ground is much higher than that of a car.

on the power system, 6 mt and speed dual-clutch gearbox, matching 1.3 t or 1.8 l engine, absolute enough power.but in order to take part in the space sacrifice, the emperor's gs can't have the cake and eat it.

actually suv can also is very cheap, today for you selection of 5 main suv sales models in 7-80000 yuan, plus tax and commercial insurance and other fees, no problem be born within 100000 yuan!


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