what is the choice of honda and urv?listen to the driver of the old driver to give you an analysis


hello, i am old driver hongqi.

:the topic of today's talk is how to choose between two of the same hot medium suvs, gac honda's crowns and dongfeng honda's ur-v.because i am also the owner of the crown road, i have more say in this area.

, first of all, the most important thing is that these two models are indeed identical.how?the two models from its body structure, the powertrain configuration of science and technology, almost 98%~ 99% is completely similar, only slightly in appearance modelling and body length, height, there are some differences.as we know, honda's domestic a models in arose and east to launch two twin models in this style is not the first time, as we are familiar with like east this eric landed gentry and change the odyssey, rui feng fei and like east and change the xr-v bean wisdom twin models are almost the same, so whether choose crown, or ur-v essentially does not make too much difference.

of course, specific to see, i suggest or from three aspects:appearance, configuration, and brand do a careful choice.appearance aspect i am the owner, but i also think ur-v design would do better to see some, especially in the rear of this type of tail lights, will look more design feeling, crown of the rear is too ordinary.

take a look at the configuration, on 1.5 t models, because ur-v than the crown of time to market late, he has more time to adjust the configuration and the rationality of the 1.5 t top-of-the-line models, for example, the ur-v is more expensive than crown, 4000 dollars, this expensive out of 4000 dollars in the champions league before make up a lot of way of being criticized on the 1.5 t, such as no automatic headlight, no induction wiper, and those at the top of the ur-v 1.5 t distribution models are some, and it has more a gps navigation system.the navigation system is very good, use gold map, both ui interface, or to find the destination convenience and mobile phone push function is very useful, and provides the free flow of ten years, can automatically upgrade map.although in this map will be charge of 88 yuan a year after year, but i think the gps navigation system is well worth to recommend, so overall this$4000 extra configuration ur-v is very good value, i recommend if you choose to 1.5 t, ur-v roof with two drive deluxe edition is a very good choice.

2.0t model, there are five models in the crown road, ur-v has three, the price of the counter is exactly the same, and the configuration is similar, not too different.

third, take a look at our brand, you may ask, is not honda, will there be any difference?in fact, the service system of guangben and dongben in the domestic 4s stores is slightly different, and the service channels like guangben in the domestic 4s stores are actually deeper than dongben.in many cities, the number of 4s stores like guangben is much higher than that of dongben.of course, the number of 4s stores in dongben has been increasing rapidly in the last two years.but from the overall quantity, guangben still has certain advantage.

in the end, we still have to mention above phenomenon.although national regulations have explicitly banned the price of markup, some of the most popular models still have some hidden markup costs.so for this two paragraphs from the structure of highly similar, only there are some nuances of ur appearance-v and crown, i don't think which models price, even can have some discount on which one to buy, this is the most important!

okay, we'll get back to that today, we'll see you later.what are your friends' thoughts about these two cars? please comment below.(article from the old driver:hong qi)

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