why do i love six cars alone?a six-car rally takes you one minute to finish reading


in recent years, along with the people to the requirement of car by number and comfort, many families will buy his sights on the mpv and suv models, at that time five and seven car squaring off in the sales market.come to think of it, each has its own good.the seven slogans are:we can satisfy the family's seat demand.the five slogans are:we don't have a lot of seats, but we can spare you the troubles of two years.in the face of this red and red argument, the six cars are easy to say:we can not only meet a family of four and two elderly people, but also enjoy a six year free inspection.

you know, a lot of people buy seven car, is given the family trip.after all, it's more convenient to travel with a large family.however, when it comes to the holidays, it is not usually full.plus seven cars, though nominally practical, the third and less flexible second row, alas, who knows.and six models of"2+2+2"seat layout undoubtedly brings more flexible space performance, but sacrifices a seat for more practical and comfortable, many people saw six car have turned into the arms of it after the doorways.let's talk about the six mainstream models today.

public piece l

it was not long ago on august 25, the mass piece l six version of car models, the six towns layout version in the form of the optional configuration, the configuration options models of a total of three, 280 tsi respectively automatic version, automatic tsi 280 deluxe shu ya and tsi automatic deluxe edition, 330, 6000 yuan of the option price is in line with previous version seven options prices.

appearance, six edition piece before l and five of the seven edition models are consistent, are strong popular style of dolls, but from the beginning to the end line, more fashion instantly make it from the fatty boy for old model transformation into a stylish men.same mass rocks of interior design not tired, just say key:six edition piece will use the 2+2+2 l six seats arrangement way, the second row of seats on either side of the design have an independent arm, and have convenient esayentry into function, before and after the adjustment, can be folded flat and isofix interface equipment, the special package called yue space optional package.

piece is also established a joint venture of domestic mpv, generation after extended increased, renamed piece l.exterior, interior, and power systems are still familiar.at the end of august last year, saic launched a six-seat model.the six layouts of the road are launched in the form of optional configuration, and there are three models that can be selected for this configuration.

six version two of them is 1.4 t, one is 1.8 t.i have to say, this is not a low price, but it still works!


, the name of the gold sign is a great one, except for the public.the front face of domineering, the long side of the side, the big tail again the ornament of willow taillight, the mercedes r-class of the side of the gas side of the side, but also not lose the elegance of the breath.

may be a big guy rated r forward steps more slowly, no generation models listed it interior style still stay in the performance of the last generation, fairly central although with makings charge for the luxury enough, but compared with cash benz products have serious lack of sense of design.

the 2+2+2 seating layout mercedes r-rated, more than 3 m wheelbase bring plenty of second row space feeling, full-time four-wheel drive, air suspension after the blessing of comfort, coupled with the comfort and seat and rear independent air conditioning system, such as high-end route is waiting for white collar(silk)(good) can reach...

surprisingly, something to complete it, the third row seat is not dummy, even sit by the size of the 1.8 m more comfortable.as for the power, the two versions of the 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged high and low power are sufficient for daily use.

.jed's position is somewhere between a station wagon and an mpv.

jed wheelbase 2760 mm, the commander also has 4660 mm, placed three rows of seats problem is not big, and the second row seat can move.it's not so easy to get into jed's third row seat, but it's still going to be in the second row of seats.

jed six models, a total of 2, 1.8 l+5 at comfort and 1.8 l+cvt luxury, guided prices 16.28 and 183800 respectively, and the price is not low, configuration richness.

>the stylish appearance and the previous five seven-seat versions have no difference.the two connected lcd screens in the middle of the middle control have been removed from a mercedes s-class.

in addition, on the details and the assembly process is also worth noting that the motion of the good quality is it a highlight in the numerous independent mpv.

six auchan version with 2+2+2 seating layout, before and after the second row seat adjust stroke from 7 models of 240 mm to 140 mm.at the same time, the height of the second row seat of the new car decreased by 20mm, but the cushion thickness increased by 4mm and the handrail was added, so the ride comfort was improved.

changan auchan six models still retained seven models in the third edition of the function of the row of seats fold forward, space are obtained by the flexibility.at the end of the line, it's only 6.490,000.what can i say about the cost of money?

v70 is an mpv that the hippocampus focuses on this year.the overall size is larger and the space is quite large.the hippocampus v70 has 2.0l and 1.5t engines, and 2.0l is manual, and 1.5t is 6at automatic, and the whole system is labeled with esp.the multi-link independent rear suspension is also adopted, and the specifications of the three parts are quite high.

hippocampus v70 six edition at present a total of 5 models, manual two 2.0 l, 1.5 t three automatically.the guidance price from 9.39 to 12.89 million yuan, combined with power, chassis and configuration, is reasonable.precious walter bx7

treasure from the german brand, the flagship suv models, since returning from his bx7 as the mainstay, launched after 5 and 7 models, six versions are born with, it is rare a suv market six models, the second row seat is consist of two independent seats, but also because bx7 positioning midsize suv, the third row seat space is quite optimistic, independent for the third row seat formed in the middle of the corridor space of the passenger's legs have more stretch.

carry a 2.0 t engine, the price of less than 200000 can buy six bx7 version of the treasure, as a joint venture midsize suv, treasure bx7 price is quite high, plus the treasure, one of the first free lifetime warranty policy, as a practical and a taste of home users, this bx76 version is a good choice of car.

.medium and high distribution with the movement steering function, a herniated hernia lamp.the configuration is almost the same as a seven-seat car, except for a side airbag.it has a 6.5-inch color touch screen, supports carplay, and is equipped with navigation.

currently sold in three models, are equipped with a panoramic sunroof, cruise control, reversing impact.and the three districts all have automatic air conditioning system, after all, most mpv is a person in the back row, these configuration is very necessary.

sharan has special rules of design, let a person feel very comfortable.however, xia lang is on a concise basis, add"grand"independent seat space, receive important guest, make it can take out.the most important thing is that the six models have already had a certain cash discount soon, which adds to their cost performance.

the whole line is smooth, the front face is decorated with a lot of chrome plated decorations, and the visual effect is very eye-catching.the design of the roof of the suspension and the waist line can be seen in the shape of some other models.appearance style is unconventional, design follows trend.

the interior work is not refined, but not coarse.the configuration is bright, the ride and storage space is satisfactory.it was equipped with 1.5l power system and 1.5t in the later stage.the price of 7.68-11.68 is reasonable.

small make up feel, when the car in the design of the number of how many first consideration is not a designer.the first consideration is to satisfy the comfort and safety of the passengers.because of the symmetry of the car, whether it's the fifth person in the car or the seventh person, there is often an awkward situation where you can only sit in the middle seat.for smaller cars, it's hard to make a seven-seat car, and it's hard to make sure that every seat has plenty of room to ride, especially when it's a long journey.the six-car seat setting is a good solution to this problem.the second row of independent seats can be independently adjusted.in addition, the top and bottom cars have to go into the third row, and 6 cars also have a little advantage.generally 2+3+2 layout of 7 car, can only pass over the seat to enter the third row.the 6 car can be like the 2+2+3 layout 7 car, through the second row seat of the passage, enters the third row, the upper and lower car is more convenient.add in the current car to implement a 6 year free inspection policy, but 7 car and above car are excluded.based on these considerations, six cars are also a good choice.


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