why old drivers say that buying a car is the best way to buy a car and buy a cheap one

, if you buy a car with a low match or a high match, it's different from the car.not all cars are cheap.the reason why old drivers are urging everyone to buy a cheap car is because of the comprehensive cost ratio.

low with high performance/price ratio, and vehicle

under normal circumstances, the manufacturer's profit of the lowest value models just like a beggar.because the most expensive part is the car body and three big pieces.including labor costs and plant operating costs.after all, the time and cost of producing a low-carb car and producing a high matching car is the same as the cost of labor.so a low distribution car is a lot less profitable.


> a lot of cars are almost twice as expensive as the beggar version, and the luxury car is even three or four times as high.this actually has a very high component.

magotan, for example, a beggar edition 160000 can buy, and match to top 320000.the difference between them is that the engine displacement is different and the comfortable configuration is different.the mendicant version uses a 1.4-t engine with a 2.0t engine, which costs just a few thousand dollars.

in addition, the tire wheel spread in several thousand yuan, control touch screen price one thousand yuan, seat spreads thousands of yuan, sound price one thousand yuan, skylight price one thousand yuan, interior other thousands of yuan.it should be said that these differences add up to no more than 30,000 yuan.

that is to say, if a beggar version price is 160000, top-of-the-line magotan price should be 190000.the price difference between them is that big.you can imagine the profits hidden here.

used car pricing will be subject to a beggar version

the vendor pricing already know a little, in the second-hand car market is in accordance with the law of real cost pricing.such as a two years magotan pricing is accounting according to market the lowest price, the market the lowest price, 160000, 50000 kilometers 3 years magotan pricing may at around 130000, and top with magotan, may only sell for 160000.it's only 160,000 new cars on the market.the person who bought a match with maiteng at this time would feel a loss.

of course, this is just the values of the algorithm, the market still has a lot of people buy high-end car, car because of what he needs is this period of time, have enough to enjoy, rather than selling cars to sell a few more money.it would be less worth sacrificing the enjoyment of one's own car for these invisibility.eat a mouthful of peach, not a basket of rotten fruit.

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