why do so many people buy cars with low prices?there was a reason for that

the improved people's living standard, buy a car instead of walking also became a very normal thing, given the numerous car brands, models and complex reasons, the choice of models is also more and more rich, so many troubles will come and buy a car what configuration?

the first to know is that with high and low with the difference?if you have a demand for a high matching model and the price is in the acceptable range, ok, there is absolutely no problem with the car.so why would anyone say,"why buy a car with a low car?this problem is not without reason, please see the following analysis.

    <p>spend the least amount of money and wear the biggest./p>

take 2018 audi a6l, for instance, the distribution and minimum distribution models on the factory price difference is as high as 292000 yuan, literally, 292000 on a bmw 318 i is no problem.

so you know, in the face before intake grille part add a quattro, tail tfsi before 50, taobao 9 9 can fix things still pack mail, why do you want to spend 292000 yuan?if you don't look closely, it's really hard to tell, ok, you spend the least amount of money, and the biggest thing you can do is to set up the conversation.

2.buy low with models, high price difference to match

a lot of times, a dozen cars, with high only match several configuration models more than low, but the difference is high reach thousands, even tens of thousands of 4 s store sales has been emphasis on original factory original package, often take the owner himself with as a result of spontaneous combustion is not responsible for the reason, cheat consumers on a high.but to be honest, it would be wise to find a well-equipped auto repair shop, and the price difference will definitely be a higher one, but only if you find this reliable repair shop!

3.resale value

for buying a car, and resale value is something had to be taken into account, so high with car and low in the resale value of what?in the case of audi a6l, i have found the same age, similar car status and high and low matching models on the internet, and compared the price.

if used with the selling platform of land price and second-hand car prices are given as the standard, then calculates that low resale value distribution model was 55.25%, the value of 217000 yuan.high its resale value was 49.01%, the value of 411000 yuan, according to the above data contrast, lower its resale value will be higher, and it is easy to understand, the reason why so many people buy low with car.

channel al summary

paranoid thought, of course, you should buy low match models is not entirely correct, after all, there are some configuration, such as engine, gearbox, suspension system is unable to add the stage, at the same time, most people are not willing to"shoddy", change the s&p one thousand was seen the end of no face wouldn't it be?in a word, how to choose the high-low matching model, it will still be an eternal topic, and the key will have to look at ourselves!

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