why do most people do not want to buy a new energy car? after reading the interview passers car cry: chen concubine can not do it

many people have doubts about the new energy vehicles, but no matter how you question can not stop the development of new energy vehicles.beginning next year, the"double-integral"policy will begin, requiring the average car fuel consumption of car prices must not be higher than a certain value, the other new energy vehicles must occupy a certain percentage.according to the latest information released by the ministry of industry and information technology, the double integration policy will be formally implemented from april 1, 2018, and from the year 2019, the company will carry out integral calculation of average fuel consumption of enterprises.there is still a little while away from the implementation of double integration, will consumers actually buy electric vehicles? they will care about what the electric car?

this visit to the place where we went to guangzhou's largest used car transaction distribution center, the most seen in the vicinity is a few network used car platform staff walked around here to interview the biggest reason is that more people here will have car demand, and to some extent, already have car's.this time we still interviewed 50 consumers and presented them with three questions about the electric car.the data in this section only represent the opinions and perceptions of some people and do not represent the opinion of a cat car network and all the people , things should not be late, let's immediately see what consumers are saying.interview near the used car market, there is a characteristic, that is, we will be more or less the number of cars less understood.according to the interview, only 35 out of 50 people indicated that they would not accept electric vehicles and the remaining 15 were open to electric vehicles.this is not the same as our original idea.we originally thought that about 90% of the respondents do not want to buy electric cars.most consumers who express their willingness to buy electric vehicles will have a certain idea of ​​how to use their cars.they know how long they spend in a day and how many kilometers they run.they also know a bit about the mileage of an electric car on the market.many people near second-hand car market have a deep understanding of the car, they it is also found that the era of electric vehicles has been opened up and will start to popularize in the foreseeable future.however, most people all mean that they will not consider electric vehicles in the near future.the overwhelming majority of consumers say they refuse to buy electric cars for a variety of reasons , they think that at present many electric vehicles are not universal equipment, it will be very inconvenient to use, not as easy as cell phone charging.and consider the proportion of respondents to electric vehicles than we imagined to be more...

few, most of the respondents are as long as they are mainly used in urban areas, mileage is generally 200-300 kilometers is enough.buy a gasoline car, many consumers look at the economy, look at fuel consumption.to electric vehicles, some respondents who said they were open to electric vehicles said that the main reason they decided to buy or not to buy electric vehicles was endurance.some of the respondents said they would consider that there are about 1000km of electric vehicles in the end.whether to buy electric vehicles, the main reason is still on the issue of battery life , if the endurance has reached, many people still expressed their willingness to think about the electric car.according to the interview, most of the consumers surveyed still feel that the mileage of electric vehicles is not satisfactory at the moment.from the above data can be seen that most consumers think in the minds of consumers, the current electric car mileage does not meet their expectations so they do not want to buy, most people still want to have the same with the gasoline car battery life, or even longer than the gasoline car mileage was willing to buy.

about the number of kilometers should be life for electric vehicles, most consumers think it should be with gasoline the car is quite comparable, even more than gasoline, and several respondents said the best electric car can have a 1000km battery life, even if the mileage for a variety of reasons discount, it should be about 800km.some respondents for the life of the electric car is more inclusive, that the current general electric 300 kilometers battery life is enough.there is a respondent's concept will be more advanced, the current electric car battery life of 400 km the problem is not large, but the best can replace the battery to stop charging half a day of trouble, which is also introduced to the following another question.

charging time becomes the most important factor for consumers to choose electric cars , there are consumers that charge the best like a cell phone five minutes battery life two hours, most consumers think that the best charging time can be controlled in 1 hour is full of the best.in addition to the charging time, the number and distance of charging piles also make a lot of consumption who feel a headache.although the charging pile looks a lot now, the overall layout and quantity are still relatively small, and many charging piles are hard to find.in addition, ac and dc are also not very convenient.in addition to charging problems, there are about 40% of consumers will worry about the battery security issues, many consumers said they heard a lot of battery explosion news, a car with a car, so a big battery in the car, what if the explosion? if the manufacturer can guarantee 100% battery safety that is the best.

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