why do not the school do not disperse the school?

now the university is everywhere, uneven, the essence of college students is also true.

the phenomenon is even more strange.

more and more cars at the school gate, the number of chinese cars increased, the increase in the number of faculty cars at home

but the car on the roof of the various types of cars presented at the school gate is a big problem!

what does it mean to drain the roof? presumably we all know it

to see if there is no female college students take the water on the car, with"drink your water"homonym"and you sleep"do"cipher"ugly trading behavior!

this phenomenon is presented in the university gateways across the country, and some have entered the campus to the cafeteria, girls bedroom downstairs.

some even the"price tag", put the mineral water that price interviews, put green tea three hundred, red bull 600 and so on.

why is this phenomenon?

more and more?

on the one hand, for college girls, the phenomenon of serious worship of money, in order to lead the so-called high-level life, in order to apple's mobile phone, name package, tuhao cosmetics, do not hesitate to sell their own body, more generous married middle-aged man's lover, casually into the marriage of others, when the small three, small four ,,,, more and more girls doing this kind of thing, also led to the roof of the water more and more people, could not help but lure , do not have their own criteria, self-protection is not strong, after all, will eat their own fruit!

said, lin lin total.there is a total of the luxury car, there are a variety of years, for their own desires ruined her life, their own family, and feel a lot of the yuan.to the daughter of their own age is very old female students do things for pleasure, parking at the university entrance and other female college students, to expand the volume of car audio, attracting girls eyes, sitting in the car to open the wechat qq search attachment , and a little bit do not feel moral loss, substantial damage.

facing the extension of this phenomenon, colleges and universities have the right to drive away the bus at the entrance of the school gate?

some colleges and universities choose to stop the door to stop all private cars, some selection of students to establish a volunteer method persuasion method, because this campus outside the campus seems not very convenient to directly away from the serious.

but in fact the school gate in addition to the car on the roof of the car there are many business car, students persuasion to persuade the effect of what is still only on the surface......

is there a universal policy?

it seems that we still want to return to the essence of education, the campus to strengthen the awareness of self-learning students, the community actively build an outstanding social atmosphere, strengthen the security management.

welcome to talk about your own ideas or methods oh~

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