have money on the blade! do not buy these cars do not buy these!

buy a car

often do not know how to choose


the only problem is money

it is undoubtedly the most sensible choice

here we recommend several practical configuration for the following:

for all new or female drivers, the reversing radar is absolutely necessary to install the configuration, even if you are a car god, it is best to install a reversing radar....

many times, there will be a lot of blind spots when reversing, not every time will be carefully reversed, and this type of reversing auxiliary sensor more, the more safe and simple reversing, especially at night, or narrow of the case, you can greatly reduce the probability of occurrence of bumps.


esp(body electronic stability system)

esp, the body electronic stability system, only play a role in tire slip.esp through the sensor from the vehicle traffic status information analysis, to the abs(anti-lock braking system), asr(drive anti-slip system) issued a correction command to help the vehicle to maintain dynamic balance.

winter in the wet rain and snow pavement, the speed is too fast or the wheel speed too fast, prone to out of control.esp can slip in the moment, to save the car out of control, the maximum reduction in losses.so esp usually though not used, but once used may save lives.


tire pressure monitoring

summer run high speed, the most afraid of is the occurrence of puncture.every time before driving, very few people will first turn around the car, check the tire is normal.although some sensitive old drivers, driving will feel the tire abnormalities, but if it is novice, tire pressure is not normal is difficult to find.

daily car, the tires are also easy to be sharp objects to tie, if there is no tire pressure monitoring, and feel out of the unusual, driving is equal to the danger on the road, great security risks, with tire pressure monitoring, then reassuring a lot.


multi-function steering wheel

multi-function steering wheel will be a lot of commonly used buttons, focus on the driver most easily touch the steering wheel, improve driving experience, very convenient and practical.daily traffic, adjust the volume, then call, etc., many features do not need too much distraction, moving your fingers can be completed, indirectly enhance the driving safety.

today, many people buy a car, will care about the car there is no rear ventilation.in the hot summer sun, the car in the outdoor after a long exposure, the car can imagine the temperature.

at this point, if there is no rear ventilation, the car open air conditioning on the rear passengers, almost did not open a sample, the rear passenger ride experience will be quite uncomfortable.


child safety seat interface

at present, many domestic car families, children have not yet given children a sense of security seats, and even feel will be more secure, but i do not know the toughness of the human arm and his hands bite force, in front of the seat belt and metal buckle completely worth mentioning.

therefore, the child must use a safety seat.a qualified security seat cheap hundreds of dollars, the key moment will be able to protect the child's life.at this point, for a child or a child's family, car safety seat interface, is a very critical configuration.


usb/aux interface

for many people, while listening to music while driving is a very enjoyable thing, but few people will drive with old-fashioned cd everywhere to run, and the mp4 or mobile phone songs on the car more convenient, in addition also save the trouble with a charge of treasure, you can always charge the phone.


rearview mirror heating

p> rearview mirror heating can be considered a very practical configuration, rain and snow de-fog a rod.

rainy day after the open parking, winter outdoor parking after overnight, the rearview mirror water droplets and water mist will affect the driving sight.driving process, it is impossible to frequently wipe the mirror, will increase the risk of driving, if there is rearview mirror heating, opened a mirror rain or fog disappeared, both worry and safe.


what to choose on the configuration, do not choose what

in the final analysis depends on individual needs and the actual budget

ordinary car buyers in the car

if the budget can accept

these configurations are as much as possible

to avoid repentance

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