the hands of three do not have money do not borrow three silly do not make this is the middle of the year to have some prudence!

people to middle age to do things should be cautious, learn to stand outside to see things![/p>

do not feel mixed in the outside of the good , you can manage the old brother of the fact, people at home, their ideas and consciousness is no big change, usually based on the interests of the main contradiction, you are far away, a lot of the situation is not clear, do not hit their own hands.

not intervene relatives buy a car thing

looking for relatives to buy a car you owned a reference opinion, you do not finalized for their children, because your thoughts with them there must be a difference in thinking, when there is any problem, you must complain, this kind of thing to avoid not intervene in the feelings of friends

no matter how good friends, involving friends, marriage, emotional problems do not intervene, people to middle age, emotional problems have been very complicated, not derailment is betrayal, this kind of thing is difficult to deal with, as a friend or do not intervene good!

no matter what the relationship is dry, as long as it is not because of the disease and the disaster, the money most of the money do not borrow, borrow time is easy, but also when the difficult, had a very good relationship, when it comes to money, it will be a mess of feelings, i believe that many friends have eaten this loss, easy to borrow money to be cautious!

investment money does not borrow

regardless of how much interest you are, it is not necessary to borrow money from investment and finance, do not be tempted by high interest, and many bloody lessons our final result is cheated, you want is high interest, and they want is your principal!

what kind of shares do not borrow shares

what is the name of the company, do not have to consider, direct refusal, a word, no money!

in the unit, the leadership allows you to help the staff to avoid who, or else is the test your attitude, or else to test your loyalty, or that is to let you do bad things.encounter such things can avoid to avoid, can not avoid the do not stand, let the leaders make a decision!

everyone guarantees to borrow money

everyone is a counter-guarantee, is to do for others to do the guarantee to do the guarantee, you think this person's credit is certainly not good, can not borrow money to be separated from people to guarantee, this thing you can do, do you too silly!

the help of people

the so-called help is someone else to help you, and you have to find someone else to help, so busy is not good to help, why should you go touch this mine it, this kind of thing do not fly, do not you than other people niubi mody

people to middle age, can not reckless, the cautious have to be careful!

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