do not remember rote high-speed do not understand the letters and numbers can remember!

on the high-speed fear is the wrong way, including many letters, digital signage is one of the reasons.

many drivers tucao high-speed signs on the easy to people around the halo, the national highway so much, the logo is not the same, in the end how to see it?

in fact, we do not need to remember them all, just need to remember these letters and numbers of the rules will be able to.

the following small series from the high-speed, national highway, provincial highway, county road signs one by one for everyone to explain, of course, you can jump directly to the last to see the summary.

high speed


high speed common to g or s at the beginning , g for the country high-speed, s for the provincial high-speed.provincial high-speed comparison less, are generally high-speed national.

national high speed in the signs are green to white, g followed by the number of 1, 2 or 4, the number also represents a different meaning.

1, with beijing as the center of the high-speed radiation, the letter after a number.

2, the latter two are odd for the north-south vertical line, for example:

3, the latter two are even for the high-speed, for example:

4, the letter after the four figures is as a number of main lines of the convergence of the link line.(such as:

no.font is larger is the main line number, the font is smaller is the detailed contact line.

state road

national road is also the beginning of the letter g, but followed by the number is three, for high-speed identification, the general white to the white show.

the first digit has 1, 2, 3, three states , 1 on behalf of the center of beijing as the center of the radiation, 2 that the north and south of the national road, 3 that is the east and west to the national road.

black at the end of the letter to the beginning of the letter s, followed by the same three digits.

the meaning of the number and high-speed, national road similar to the first digit 1 that the provincial capital(provincial) as the starting point of the radiation provincial highway, 2 said north and south to the provincial highway, road.

county road

county main township(town) and other major central, the same letter x followed by 3 digits.(high-speed), s(provincial high-speed) at the beginning, the letter after a, two or one or more four digits

state road:beginning with capital letters g, three digits after the letter(with high speed)

provincial:beginning with capital letters s, three digits after the letter

high speed:1, to beijing as the center of the radiation was the national high-speed with the gx(one digit).(such as the beijing-shanghai high-speed, g3 beijing-taiwan high-speed)

2, north-south and east-west direction of the national high-speed with gxx(two digits) said.(such as the north-south direction of the g15 deep sea high-speed, east-west direction of the g20 jiqinggaosu)

3, around the high speed with gxxxx(four digits) after the first figure for the 1 to beijing as the center of the national road radiation, 2 that the north-south direction, 3 that things to the direction.

provincial highway:the first digit after the letter is 1 to indicate the provincial capital as the center of the provincial highway, 2 that the north-south direction, 3 that things go.


high speed:green on white; national road:red on white; provincial:yellow black; county:black and white.

recognize road signs are not foolproof, we'd better travel well prepared, plan ahead a good way, way more attention to the road surface sign, it will not go the wrong way.

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