why do not check the red light is not understand the people who understand the car

the weather is getting cold, and many people are now beginning to love the bed, and the immediate consequences are probably late, so now it's more and more to work, and that's why some people are turning right or when the u-turn still waiting for a red light, so that the back of the small partner itself is eager to pounding heart, anxious just want to bs-ing.the speaker is dripping non-stop!

today xiaobian collected some sections to tell the little partners, these junctions do not need to wait for the traffic lights! go directly! be sure to remember myself, the province was the next drop.

1, when the line before the end of a broken line, you can not consider the signal , without affecting the traffic and pedestrian traffic in the case of direct access.but should remember that when the u-turn can not cross the stop line oh

note that if the intersection has to turn left to be the district, be sure to refer to the following rules to drive

1, with a u-turn in the intersection, the motor vehicle in the case of a red light, without affecting the other traffic to the normal traffic under the premise , you can turn around and pay attention to avoid the normal passage of pedestrians.2, in the intersection with a u-turn, u-turn motor vehicle straight green light, it should go straight into the area to be transferred; to turn left when the green light turned around.

the following circumstances, the intersection can not turn around or that position!

1, the center line is a solid line, you must wait until the left turn arrow light or straight turn on when the u-turn;

2, the zebra line prohibit u-turn.

, when the intersection of obvious signs prohibit left turn/ug can not turn around.

p> red light signal is divided into two kinds, one is the disc lights, one is the arrow lights.when the intersection does not set the right turn arrow lights, the right turn is not affected by the disc lights or straight arrow lights.



when the intersection is marked with a sign, follow the signs.

xiao bian tip:we are in the turn or turn right when the main intersection must be the main line of communication, solid line and dotted line is not the same, we must pay attention to oh!

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