geely the most beautiful version of suv will soon be listed or will go beyond the collar grams! but the price is less than million?

since the successful acquisition of volvo, geely cars both in terms of quality or appearance have a qualitative change.such as bo yue, collar grams 01 and other models have been affirmed by the consumer and support, and now its main brand models from time to time"metabolism", first the new borui's facelift, but also geely 3.0 era of new cross-border suv geely s1 listing program approaching, and then has the most beautiful suv said geely bo yue will launch terms of power, it is expected that the coupe will carry 1.5t and 2.0t engines, and the v-its maximum horsepower were 179 horsepower and 190, and will carry a 6-speed tiptronic and 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, starting from the price, is expected to fluctuate in the 90,000 yuan.appearance, the bo yue coupe version of the perfect combination of the suv body contour design.

and tend to sedan style, making it look more avant-garde.positive look, the front face of the family design of the size of the grille compared to the smaller than the bo on the 1st, both sides of the led headlamps clear edges and corners, this design makes it seem to add a bit of a sense of movement.while the bottom of the intake grille has also been changed to a black grid design.on the small series, had to tucao coupe side and tail design, the tail seems to be able to give a feeling of deja vu, and this feeling is only the bmw x6 can give you, if it is"cottage"i prefer to believe that this is a coincidence of the design concept it the tail of the design is not the lack of bright spots, a silver plated trim strip across the body on both sides, led taillights also through the fine processing, the bottom of the double exhaust gas cylinder placed in the silver chrome bumper,

interior, the embedded 10-inch touch screen lcd technology full of both sides of the piano paint panels are used to enhance the texture at the same time also make it look more upscale, the bottom of the electronic gear shape is also more refined, the use of three multi-function steering wheel for the flat design, has been greatly improved.

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