love between the small couple with these old words with the old drivers have said do not understand

the little companions come first to answer such a straightforward question:are you old drivers?(a word does not match the kind of drag racing racing)

although the older brother can not talk about the old driver, but also buzhi yu in the old drivers who drag racing when they also looked like a foolishly asked what happened.but when today to see the following more common in the couple between the specific vocabulary is, tell true, is completely muddled state; do not know what happened...

if you also try this car, you can drift through the following nine corners(9 questions), i will worship you

img src=""/>

ha ha ha, how, roll it!

tell me, the first one to see me directly,"419"what is the ghost? full of minds of the hotel house number; look later do not understand more after reading my quiet reflection for a moment, suddenly feel that they are too young, too simple ah......

are you an old driver? do you understand these words?

my dear little companions, you have not encountered any old drivers who are indefinitely or mysterious words to share out, with other old drivers how a car.

i'm waiting for you to drive in the message area!

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