who is the culprit of high-speed congestion? professor tsinghua: high-speed holiday free stupid to price

national day golden week has passed, congratulations you have finished this year after the last holiday holiday.do not know when to spend this golden holiday, the owner of what kind of mood? for 8 days of long holidays, some owners may be in the high-speed traffic jam feast spent it? actually had a six-day holiday.think of all sad.

there are a lot of owners to the small tucao said at high speed on the block of ten a few hours, the car's oil are almost finished burning have not yet to the destination.this is really"no love"it.there is such a block in the high-speed map in the circle of friends crazy pass.

so why is the holiday high-speed road congestion? on this issue, tsinghua university, a professor of economics(not dare to say real name here) criticized:"holiday highway free"policy is the world's most stupid policy, which is equivalent to encourage everyone on the holidays together on the road congestion.professor that the highway during the holidays, not only can not be free, but should be 50% price increases, can ease the current situation of high-speed congestion.


hear a lot of friends here are very angry, can not agree with professor tsinghua's view the so in the end who is the culprit of high-speed congestion? we have to analyze the next.

    tsinghua professor said prices, and even said the price increase of 50%! does this really understand the truth? the cost of the highway 50% price increase that is a terrible thing.our social welfare has been less than the developed countries, this policy is also canceled, fear is complaining! can only say that the professor has this idea is that he usually do not take high-speed holidays, may not bad this money.

    yet? many friends are also home to go home or travel abroad.the root cause is also because the small holiday is too little, too usually do not have time, so gathered at a time point travel.even 51 holiday was canceled, and only in the national day golden week congestion.

    xiao bian think a professor of economics should not only consider the money angle, but also take into account the people's livelihood, in order to truly solve the problem of everyone.

    do not know the tsinghua professor of high-speed price increases 50% what do you think? welcome to exchange, but also to look around friends.

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