after the rich wealth of the second generation of marriage married million million

"90 after zhejiang rich second generation marriage"news triggered social hot.eighteen lift sedan and row of luxury cars to attract the eye, in addition,"shanghai richest man"guo guangchang marriage,"love song prince"zhang xinzhe sing.

the groom is zhejiang xinchang richest man wu liangding, chen ailian couple's son.


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halfway couples worth over billions

chen ailian and wu liang is halfway couple, before chen and wu have family and have children.

in 1982, wu liangding to 20,000 yuan to start business-in the treasure group, wanfeng auto group, the day group of three major industrial groups budding.

wu liangding start soon, the factory will recruit a female employee will drive-chen ailian.wu liangding and chen ailian married to form a new family, in 1990, two of his son wu jinhua was born, that year wu liangding has 44 years old.

wedding by the shanghai richest man guo guangchang, wang jinyuan couple hosted.

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