female car wash the new car washed four words by the s shop million compensation!

now more and more cars, but most people do not understand the market, for the car can be described as very few, the basic are listening to the sales consultant rhetoric, feel almost , to pay the car.but the car to buy such a major event, really can not be so careless, never alone sales staff hype a pass, to pay directly, or some regret it.

buy a car, because the family did not have time to run their own 4s shop, listening to the sale of a pass to explain, feel pretty good to pay directly to the car.home is also like to not, all kinds of love, but to the time of the car wash, wang dumbfounded!

the original car in the maintenance of car washing, the rear car body appeared four characters"test drive test drive", which makes the car soon wang mood moments unhappy up! he spent more than 100,000 to buy the car, happy not over, they ran into such a thing, xiao wang said nothing, direct drive to the 4s shop to find manager theory!

after several days of twists and turns, complaints until the complaint is small wang came to the local television exposure, 4s manager was given to wang 3 times nearly 500,000 compensation results, for this result, wang and his family said to accept, this matter be considered a perfect solution.warned everyone, after the car to buy this big event, be sure to keep your eyes, try to find a familiar acquaintance, so as not to encounter this kind of thing again!

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