age to become deer han girlfriend million mercedes-benz travel to school who is to buy luxury cars?

recently, lu han and guan xiaotong announced love romance hot search, and guan xiaotong also was dug out to open millions of luxury cars to cause concern, guan xiaotong just admitted to the university just like my father opened millions of black mercedes ml5 school, immediately have the media before the interview, but guan xiaotong father money is their own earned, but also let a lot of doubt sound is understood that guan xiaotong's black mercedes ml5 price of 81.2 million-190.8 million, according to the understanding, yuan, positioning in the large suv, off-road performance.the new car is also equipped with a 360 panoramic image system.through the control of the lcd screen display around the panoramic image of the body, whether in urban parking or in the wild have a strong practicality.

equipped with display switching, motion mode, snow mode, drag and drop mode, suspension height adjustment, steep slope slow down mode, manual adjustment mode, automatic mode, mild off-road mode, heavy off-road mode.

the lighting system helps the driver to check the road ahead and improve the side line is very tough, the proportion of the body than the previous generation more slender and elegant, c column after the window shape is the mercedes-benz ml tradition.

mercedes-benz ml-class tire specifications are 255/50r19.identify different models of products, in addition to the tail of the logo, but also through the wheels, mercedes-benz ml using a unique amg five-spoke hub.mercedes-benz ml 400 tail also uses a relatively straight line outline, the main purpose is to express a relatively tough visual effects.mercedes-benz ml's interior design reflects a strong sense of luxury.

mercedes-benz or look a little conservative, the interior to convey a sense of science and technology is not strong enough, the future of the new product if it can also be so much to the s-level.

because of its own suv positioning, so the steering wheel diameter is not small, but good feel good, people feel very the same time, leather and solid wood material selection will make people feel very grade.

the top of the center console uses an excellent soft material help to enhance the high sense.positive decorative materials selected polished aluminum trim and brown solid wood veneer, creating a strong sense of luxury.

the shape of the seat adjustment key and the way of placing it on the door is the tradition of mercedes-benz, this advantage is clear, one can know how to use.milky white leather seats with a pure white piping, and further enhance the interior of the exquisite and luxurious sense.mercedes-benz ml5 equipped with 5.5 liters naturally aspirated engine, the maximum output of 388 horsepower, the maximum output of 388 hp, maximum torque of 530 nm.match the 7-speed manual gearbox.front and rear suspension are used airmatic active air suspension.