section sharp sector officially listed on the sale of million

[channel] pacific automotive network new car sharp boundary ford's 2018 models officially listed, the new car to the configuration in which varying degrees of upgrades and adjustments on the basis of the old models.the price range of 24.98-44.98 million, see the table below:

2018 models changan ford rui sector guide price


ecoboost 245 two-wheel drive sharp sharp 7 27.98
ecoboost> 29.98
ecoboost 245 two-drive sports 7 seats 30.68
ecoboost 245$7
ecoboost 245 awd respect anatase type 7 33.98
ecoboost 245 flagship awd 7 36.98
ecoboost 330 v6 4x drive 7 40.98
ecoboost 330 v6 four-wheel drive flagship type 7 44.98

with models for the map 2017 models sharp territory

2018 ford terrae ecoboost 245 two-drive imprinted seven new panoramic sunroof, the ecoboost 245 will be the standard system with automatic start and stop function.the new car enriched the choice of consumers, its competitiveness and cost-effective to be further improved.

changan ford wing tiger dynamic sequence/td>2.7t v6 twin turbo

the 2018 changan ford sharp sector offers 2.0t/2.7t v6 these two power versions, the drive system matches the 6-speed tiptronic transmission, and some models are equipped with a timely four-wheel drive system.(text:pacific car network guo jiajun)

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