the old driver will be confused how the automatic steep slope?

automatic transmission is more and more popular with people because of its ease of operation the today, the pace of social life faster, more and more red street lights on the road, congestion is also common, automatic gear naturally have its advantages.automatic operation, although easy to operate, but for some security issues, we should pay attention to.for example, in the automatic car encountered a very steep long downhill, in the end to use that stall? d file to take the world is not desirable, d file under the long slope more dangerous..........................perhaps, many of the old drivers who have been away for the rest of my life will say,"said the old driver, i take the world on the d file, but also use it? this is probably a lot of open auto block a common problem-are used to hanging d file, regardless of uphill downhill, anyway, is a d file to go in the end in fact, this approach is a security risk.

for example, if there is a period of time very long and very steep slope, has been hanging d file, then you are bound to have been stepping on the brakes, because the slope length, brake pads for a long time with the wheel hub friction, it is easy to lead to the phenomenon of overheating brake pads.brakes overheating not only affect its service life, more likely to reduce the performance of the car brake, more serious lead to brake failure, the vehicle out of this case, the consequences are self-evident.


in addition to hanging d file, there are people in order to save fuel, in the downhill when the choice of n file, that is, neutral, so that the vehicle automatically taxi.this is not only dangerous, but also damage the gearbox.neutral taxi, the vehicle because of the reasons for downhill, naturally faster and faster, people are bound to have been stepping on the brakes, the same risk and d the same time, the speed is too fast, the transmission run the internal gear with high-speed operation, but the hanging n file, the transmission oil is insufficient supply, will naturally burn the transmission.visible, n file under the long slope, not only destroy the car, but also dangerous.

what should i do? in fact, the best way, but also the most secure, in the next long slope of the time , the stalls hanging in the l file, or one hand from the machine, by changing the engine to reduce the speed, supplemented by intermittent foot brake, do not have a long time on the brakes, both slow down fatigue, but also extend the life of the brake pads , the most important thing is this way, the next long slope do not have to worry about.

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