do not care to run a red light how to do? do not panic with this method allows you to restore points!

as more and more vehicles on the road, traffic safety regulations are becoming more stringent, more and more points, a driver's license only 12 points a year, breaking a red direct it was deducted 6 points, so if you can avoid the need to avoid points, today xiaobian to give you talk about accidentally run the red light how to do!

in general, it is not a mistake to commit a red light, but sometimes, your line of sight blocked by the front, and so found when the front line has been crossed, but many owners believe that anyway has been breaking, and simply throttle on the past, in fact, this is wrong, you can completely avoid deduction 6 points!

because you want to know that it is very accurate to take a red light to take pictures.

, but the red light must be to meet the three photos caixing, one is the front wheel across the stop line, there is a rear wheel over the stop line, the last one is passing across the stop line, to determine your red light, zhang can not be less!

so when your front wheel presses the stop line, it's best brakes, even if the line over, and also nothing, because it will only shoot your front wheel line, up to a point, penalty 50, but do not directly rush past, or deduct 6 points properly!

but sometimes you will find that only the front wheel pressure line is still deducted you points , and that can only count you bad luck, xiao bian here or to remind you, we must comply with traffic safety regulations, do not try, safe travel you and me!

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