warriors do not understand you happy

didi taxi to the bmw top version, i asked:"open luxury car also comes running by bit, what is the reason it is not bad a few dollars.".the the driver said:"i like the curiosity of silk, envy and puzzled."

13 years to play through the line of fire to play 8v8 uniforms, power supply, we left me a latent, and then i have a ju a second building wretched destroyed the opposite of 8, when the smoke was knocked out, the heartbeat was directly accelerated! the the

today, a dormitory roe roe:"i am not born!"why.dormitory buddy said:"i just into my mother space need a password, the question is my son's name is what, i enter my name, the results show the wrong password..."

of the free, water a few cents, the supermarket to buy one or two, ktv to buy ten, the airport to buy twenty, the bar to buy thirty-five, the desert is priceless......the same water, put the value of different places to different the nima, in the desert stall for more than ten days, a person did not encounter...

female colleagues took me to see the customer, the road traffic jam late.rushed to the agreed cafe, female colleagues anxious told me:"that customer is a bald scoop, quick to help me find."voice faded, next to an uncle took off the faint exposed a bald said:"i am here you have found that men and their girlfriend quarrel, the base friends generally said:"well, you kid to find on the good, people so good."and women and her boyfriend quarrel, girlfriends generally said:"well, the points to find a new, i really do not know where he is good."

noon teacher called his son shoes broken, can not wear, and i quickly bought a pair of new sent to the kindergarten into the classroom when i was at a loss, a pile of uniforms like a small radish head who is my son? the the i looked at these children:this is not, that is not,.........completely ring i can not help but loudly:son, come out! beside a pair of small hands gently pull my clothes:mother, you do not know me? i am here for a long time!

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