why car sales, said: do not afraid of bargain afraid you do not bargain?

do any business, bargain seems to have become the people of nature, when the bargain wait for zhuge liang regeneration.however, when buying a car, like the customer bargain, afraid customers do not say it

1, bargain customers closest to buy a car


sales dry for a long time, the guests bargain is so old three, has long been out of date.they can have been practiced, and all kinds of words to open mouth, has long been cooked in the stomach, the so-called see what people say anything.we have to remember this detail, that is not the car than other models, that is not cheap do not consider this now.you get that, directly into a model competition.


buy a car, there is a reliable sales is very important, it is more useful than your tired bargain.say a penny goods, generally for the routine sales of how to deal with it?

1, after entering the 4s consult the owner of the car is to buy, understand the price he bought, without hurry to bargain.2, write down the transaction price of the customer in front of the transaction, so that they can see the price of the customer in front of the transaction.go to your cash and let them think you really buy it.then, find a reason to go for a while, and then have to wait for your sales to mention the car, to find an old sales car.3, unwritten rules, anyway, it is recommended that you press 8 fold to count the pay special attention to send the gift, it is best to cut the first price, be sure to.

> in particular, the counter-offer refers to the car bare car prices, do not be sold by the salesman to go inside the land.insiders revealed that 4s to the number of concessions are also limited by manufacturers, such as buying up to three million cars, if you kill to 30,000, you are the winner.as for the all-inclusive land price, they will share some of the profits into the package love song, from the car insurance, from the purchase fee on the licensing fee to earn back.

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