men do not steal people will leave traces in these three places

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as the saying goes, if you do not know, unless you have to.that is, as long as you do what a bad thing, do not think you can fool all the people, do not think that they do bad things gods do not know, people are doing, days watching, there is always a day men are too different to steal people outside, do not feel that they are very careful, as long as you do, there will be traceable to follow.

1, driving recorder

now the car is already very popular, and marriage but also want to steal the man, almost all should have a car, the car if there is a driving recorder, then you can put this man to steal the day trip to the record, there is no steal people to see the next car recorder will know, at a said you did not steal people, then why go to work when the car opened to the hotel hotel door? the facts are better than eloquence, this move enough ruthless?


men steal people and women to steal a different man is to spend money, you do not pan'an reincarnation, nor is the tang bohu, no woman take the initiative to return to your body minato minato.the phone's red envelope record is also able to see the big man, see a man phone his red bag records, especially the special day, such as valentine's day, may 20, may 21 and so on, you say you and that woman there is nothing, no matter why the moving 520 yuan on the red envelope? explain the unclear, even if the man to delete the chat records, red envelopes of the transaction record is always there, how to steal the traces of people are deleted.


men steal people are mostly for sex, since he steal people outside, and eat, of course, you have no appetite, and is bound to you is greatly reduced sex.careful women are generally able to feel the normal situation, the frequency of couples living ups and downs will not be great, if the woman feels the recent man's interest in what you have, or you see the demand to turn a blind eye or push three block four, it is likely is stealing someone outside, to pay attention to the.

skynet recovery sparse and not leak, those who steal people, or have to steal people thinking of the men, do not save any luck, as long as you do, will certainly leave traces, you do the scandal will certainly be exposed, do not die when the death, wife and son scattered, and then regret it.

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