do not you forget that you do not use it

first paragraph:po chun 560:general wuling 2015 launch of the new suv models have been introduced in the first paragraph:

named bao chun 560.po chun 560 equipped with a 101kw, 186nm 1.8l natural suction engine, with the marriage is a 5-speed manual transmission and amt transmission.the second paragraph:refine s3:

jac sedan new city will be small suv, not necessarily for the 85 after the collective.sales volume of swiss wind loaded with 4gb1.5l engine, the extra power of 83kw, up power 55kw; maximum torque of 146nm, low-end torque to reach 100nm.the third paragraph:chinese v3:

small suv, its length and width are respectively in the tributary small suv shopping 1.5l engine and 1.5t engine two power equipment, which 1.5l engine maximum input power of 107 horsepower, peak torque 145 nm; 1.5t engine maximum input power of 150 horsepower, the peak torque of 220 cattle meter.section 3:changan yue xiang v3:changan yue xiang v3 is changan sedan launched in 2012 a model car, the first announcement in the 2011 guangzhou auto show, because of its positioning slightly lower than yue xiang, in 2012 was officially named yuexiang v3.changan b501, changan car for china's entry-level jiajia shopping malls, the latest trend of consumption.

the fifth paragraph:beiqi magic speed s3:speed ​​s3 for the north steam yinxiang sedan co., ltd.with three and a half years shaoguang independent development, will be located in the small suv 7 models.body size:length 4380mm, width 1730mm, high 1720mm, wheelbase 2685mm, body size close to the compact suv.netizens you recognized it? you can declare your point of view oh!