do not stop waiting for the parking is that you do not know this trick

when you stop the car must have encountered such a situation, in front of 30-40[/url]

cm high steps, parking is not too afraid to encounter before, repeatedly get off to view the best position to stop, neither affect other vehicles, do not worry about their own too much to stop.

the problem i believe older drivers sometimes very confused, they have repeatedly get off to see the fact, this situation, or with the parking when the proficiency, often to stop the driver of this position, sense of distance is very good, you can easily stop to the desired location.but for the new driver, this is a very frightening thing, and always afraid to meet the front, afraid of their own stop too far to affect other vehicles, desperately sitting straight body to look forward, but because of the current model design must not see the location of the front.what should i do at this time? the following small series to teach you a very simple way to grasp the parking distance.

you can turn on the car's headlamps before parking , although in the daytime, if you can still see the light close to the wall, this time if the light becomes very bright, do not spread, you can stop, if you can go forward on the wall.the location of the parking if they are often stopped, you can stop the car after the first car to find a reference, such as where the mirror coincides with, or where the wipes that the next stop when you can directly look at these reference objects to determine the distance, do not need to turn on the lights.

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