killed do not buy domestic cars are what people do?

saying domestic cars can be described as progress is obvious to all, we all saw domestic car can be described as getting better and better, of course, a joint venture vehicle price is rising, after all, a joint venture vehicle you do not cut prices, but really to fight domestic car, a high configuration, low-cost, large space of domestic do not buy, you want to spend a high price to buy your joint venture car? but you really do not say that there really is a small wave of people, that is, do not buy a domestic car, more people shouting do not buy a domestic car, this i would like to understand a little, everyone laughing time, also talked about this topic , today to talk about why some people killed do not buy domestic cars, joint venture car so good?

the first:the family has a car to buy a domestic car.

a few years ago, even said a dozen years ago, the domestic car and the joint venture car does have a gap, then some domestic car problems are indeed a lot, coupled with the sale is not in place, it touches on the previous buy a lot of domestic cars , and later changed the joint venture car friends, no longer take money to test how the domestic car in the tell the truth, these people can be forgiven, after all, people have been hurt, the ancients cloud, once bitten by bite for ten years, so they generally do not let the children buy any domestic car.but with the development of domestic cars, joint ventures and domestic cars really not bad anything, and joint ventures are not their own artificial?

the second kind:a little money, not particularly rich


generally really rich, many or buy pure imported models, or is a variety of luxury cars, i really did not see a few commercial big open coins.however, this kind of money is generally for the face of people, it is not killed to buy domestic cars, only the joint venture car is good.and such people are generally around if anyone who bought a domestic car, it is a variety of tucao, all kinds of criticism ah, anyway, the domestic car is not good, with a netizen's words, as they really opened a domestic car like.

so how the domestic car in the end, how to say, although there are a lot of people say domestic car is not good, but i also buy the domestic car, because i think i can consume from the domestic car, and the price of the joint venture car, in the configuration, space, comfort, really not as good domestic car, so buy back, my heart really comfortable? in fact, i personally is not very offensive some people buy a joint venture car, after all, everyone's values ​​are not the same, but i especially hate the kind of buy a joint car to look down on the domestic car people, if you buy lamborghini look down from the thai, i do not tell you, you buy a mass jetta look down on hover h9, i am speechless.

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