he is jiangsu tv one year income do this luxury car surprise!


each channel has its own gold medal presenter, said to the jiangsu TV one elder brother, morphy is absolutely worthy candidates.

fei meng in the "zero distance", this is jiangsu TV started a daily news broadcast columns, morphy's arrival is the television media a transformation.

morphy speak after the news, because he dare to tell the truth.Let everybody good impression of him, a bald head told the news is hit the nail on the head, at that time he was in the nanjing's popularity is very high.

but heard that morphy so offend many people, after the bodyguard shuttle daughter to go to school.Later if you are the one more that morphy is jiangsu TV "elder brother".But a society once criticized, is now turned to the law.

once a reporter to snap morphy mansion in nanjing, but after clarifying his is not the local tyrants, the clothes you wear is bought on the net, as for the used car is assistant.

in life is to have no money to rich people have a lot of, but morphy is rich people pretend they have no money, this is rare precious ah.

there are media said morphy income 18.2 million yuan, the income is the highest in the host.Years into the must is so low, car is also a modest!

his walking vehicle was Chrysler 300 c, the car is made in the history of Chrysler into $1 billion one of the most luxurious car products.

look directly, it will also think this is worth more than 300 bentley, but his car sells only 400000.

can the car's interior and maserati the supercar, the handmade leather material, leather seats, polished solid wood by hand act the role ofing, 360 degrees full circle heating leather wrapped luxury multi-function steering wheel.

in nanjing and Chen at the time of recording program, he is driving a BMW 528 gt, fei meng is bought in 2015, is his second car.

now he is a gentleman, glittering on the stage, but privately very low-key.Free time took their children to and from school, low-key life.'

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