china's most expensive one license plate of the top plate can buy two audi al


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the Chinese love of digital is crazy, especially for over eight and six bizarre, and so would cause some "industry", a mobile phone beautiful can run thousands of tens of thousands of yuan.As consumer car to hit the road, must be listed, license plate Numbers become the most valuable.

China's most expensive four plates, you know?Of the top plate can buy two audi A8L!

a fourth: anhui H88888

the fifth consecutive 8 plates from anqing city, anhui province, the owner is a hidden, otherwise it is impossible to have strength to spend 1.76 million to buy a license plate, hung on his blue bentley, and it was in 2011, prices are relatively low, money is more valuable.

3: guangdong V88888

this cantonese V88888 is also five even eight plates are guangdong jieyang, taken a local tyrants anonymous clinch a deal valence is as high as 2.5 million, refresh the record at the time.To be honest, I don't envy the owner, I envy is providing assistance!

2: prepare J00005

this digital combination, but may have a special meaning for the owner, the somebody else is at the plate, and it is carrying 3 million cash.The rich world, I don't understand!

first name: guangdong V99999

guangdong jieyang the local tyrants, the China's most expensive license plate to also from here.3.2 million to buy a piece of iron for brand, really expensive than platinum, but the hype surrounding the guangdong V99999 hung on golden bentley does bring out the best in each other.Sometimes can't help but think, how much is worth to be willing to spend so much money to buy a license plate?

my friends, have you ever seen a cow force of the plate?Do you know the price of them?

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