look at high-speed rail bridge together without steering wheel every second want to step on the pedal


high iron bridge no steering wheel, a left a right has two joysticks, respectively is used to accelerate and brake.Here is a piece of pedal, the driver will on one pedal every 30 seconds, in order to prevent the sleepy.If more than 7 seconds nobody pedal, the train will be automatically entered into a state of no emergency stop.

less than 5 square meters, the cab in front of the streamline is decelerating glass walls, Korea Ye Feng said "streamlined" can reduce visual fatigue.Is the central is a driver, 5 piece of screen embedded in the operation of elliptic arc on the stage.Among them, 4 piece shows the train door, communication equipment, braking parameters, traffic signals, such as information, another 1 piece of standby.

is opposite the driver is "control panel", this is the speed control system, the screen above the central is a circle with the color icon, this is the train passes signals, red means stop, yellow and green represent allowed to run, different situations, different color combination to express different meanings.

the three handle on the operation platform, is the most commonly used equipment driver.The most used to set on the right side of the constant speed;In the middle of the traction controller is equivalent to "accelerator", there are 10 gear, can be manually to accelerate;The right is the brake lever, there are seven gear, equivalent to "brake".

high-speed driver in front to answer every time, also check after the answer through a variety of documents.The graph is high-speed driver in problem solving.

after the above these, they must carry on the fingerprint verification, and tested for alcohol.Want to know if the drunk driving the train, the consequences will be serious.All this is done, they remember all kinds of scheduling information, and accomplish know fairly well when driving.

the captain can "boarding", they went into the cab, and shoulder the important mission of a vehicle the passengers' safety, so they usually arrive at the bridge a few hours earlier and check before the train all instruments and equipment normal operation.

high iron bridge generally only a driver, and bridge at any time to ensure that someone is, so they dare not to drink too much water before the train to eat too much food, in order to "prevent" go to the toilet.

in addition, high-speed driver "driving licence" is difficult to test, also to drive requirement is very high.Their parking location and landmarks can't more than 20 cm, in the process of driving the actual speed and regulations must not exceed 5 km/h, if mistakes too much a driver's license will be revoked.How, do you have any interest in a high-speed driving license test a try?

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