What caused the car bike shops have closed?

only with their own humble opinion to talk about the bicycle industry car shop operating status.

unconsciously, I have five or six in this industry for years.Counted, in recent years, a falling fast car shop and brand also have more than ten.Maybe below the experts said a lot of sense, for your question.

what caused the car bike shops have closed?

Chen gang: is what led to the car shop have shut down?Perhaps this is really a complicated problem, I personally is also involved in this industry, are emotionally.

1: economic depression, people living beyond its means.

2: taobao, the impact on the market. taobao is a very good platform, and even our car shop, a lot of time to search for a small accessories with taobao, because taobao competition is intense, gray, a large number of defective into the many factors that lead to the low price, such as a 100 piece goods can you even can find 101 dollars for it.And only the price, but people's eyes, they no matter what goods to buy, also don't understand what goods to buy, they don't consider after-sales.Stores are high shop rent, and there were human, water and electricity, decoration and so on too much cost, even if you went to a shop owner pour you a glass of water, this is all the cost.But they regardless of that, they just think you precious than for some, and they drink the water turned to go, back home to open the taobao purchase without quality assurance, code, no after-sales.

3: blindly into the line. the owner is a very typical example.One can't skilled people into the tire industry.He is not the only, you know.The industry's profits without your imagination is so high, outside the shop sold 20 clothes to a stock fast food to sell to 60, 5 yuan to 10 yuan, if they don't sell, waiting for is closed.But the bike without such a percentage of the profits.One in three of the many car shop, now in dongguan at a loss, a third in the strong sustain, only one-third in earning a few yuan.

4: consumer culture. we when selling the car to meet too many such people, they will like x-rays according to your car accessories to compare taobao.They saw only the "cost-effective", why add double quotation marks, because they will only see the suite, front fork, they don't care even wheel.They don't know what a car is not just these.They think a cow force suite, a front fork that the cow force, plus some cheap fake three-piece, inferior package, looks good on the set, somebody else good frame, a pair of ordinary wheelset.And then come up with a super performance car.

5: brand culture. brand idea, they just think your car is expensive, it is also produced in recent years many of the so-called so-and-so world brand.They don't know what frame is the root of a car, the frame is also a brand.They know nothing about the frame material, only know aluminum alloy, carbon fiber.But I do not know with is make aluminium alloy products is also different.A top suite on soft heavy frame again, also just wear slippers and tie.Some big manufacturer for research and development funds every year is not for naught.A known example - apple mobile phones.Why only a domestic 1000 yuan price configured phone selling for 5000 yuan, do buy men than you low IQ, isn't it?Because somebody else has a strong system, the system is the soul of mobile phones, make you 1000 yuan configuration with the feeling of out of the 5000 yuan.And the soul of the bicycle frame is not?

handan has nearly 50 car shop now, and how much joy much sorrow?Shop here on behalf of the arduous struggle the car dealership have told friends ride a bike shop, really is not a place that make a lot of money, and more is not the place to make black-money (even if some shop in earn some black-money, but they also do not have outbreaks, ha).This day and age, the industry, everyone in the hard work, hope to ride the friends in order to enable the industry to long-term and healthy development of the support work, more can't understand the dealership.Ride a friend's garage to god, is the food and clothing parents, but the car loss not development, riding friends benefits will be enormous damage.(this excerpt from the network)

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