Shanghai Volkswagen may regain sales champion, way, way the emergency rescue bureau, skoda ashes

a few days ago, the sales of Shanghai Volkswagen announced in May, the monthly sales of 152107 units, up 1.58% from a year earlier.With this result, faw Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen in May finally caught back into the top domestic passenger car market sales.In this, the skoda brand effect also cannot be ignored, in May 24377, about 16% of the overall sales.

SUV emergency rescue bureau, way, way, into a growth point of

Shanghai Volkswagen actually began to sales recovery since march this year, to return to positive growth interval, which is mainly rely on the concept of road and road, two suvs.Among them, the concept of road L although has been officially listed in late January this year, but affected by the capacity to release and to store, in March to real, drive the way that month view models of 51.51% year-on-year growth.In may, the concept of road series sales progress, 31362 vehicles, up 71.12% from a year earlier.

path view L would help the overall rise in sales is not surprising, the first way view L is a new generation of road view after extended to natural product force doesn't exist.Secondly, the concept of road L chose the most popular entry level midsize SUV market, avoid overlapping competition with compact SUV concept of road.

in the end, the road view L depends on the mass brand and road view over the years accumulated a good reputation, can be listed in the beginning is widely spread and accepted by consumers.This is world, skoda ke Kodiak Chevrolet and Peugeot 5008 equivalent level models, does not have the advantage.

at the end of march this year just listed on the way, may sales reached 6033 units, has exceeded the faw Toyota prado sales in May 5588.Road, positioning of the large SUV is slightly small at home, as a new car can be achieved without antecedent products such a result is more rare.

* ong to popular key is cost-effective, entry-level models 330 tsi two drive comfort edition at only 308900 yuan, while rival faw Toyota prado fare has reached 369800 yuan, import agent ford world is as high as 449800 yuan.Road, while in parts of the markups, but terminal price is still lower than competing goods vehicles.

in addition, the way the product layout and competing goods is different, entry-level models already have abundant configuration., for example, all the LED headlamp unit before, sensing wipers, inside rearview mirror automatically prevent dazzle, tire pressure monitoring, reversing radar/images, cruise control, hill auxiliary, automatic parking, electric door, etc.With low way the advantage in price and configuration, is to attract consumers.As for the car from overseas, in this context is not so important.

skoda will, on the right track dual brand strategy

although skoda sales in May than the same period last year dropped 8.3%, only 24377 vehicles, but the internal structure has changed a lot.Ke dia gram didn't officially listed in April 19, may still in the stage of the release of production capacity, real car to the shop's situation is not optimistic, but sales have reached 2589 units.Ke dia grams of formal now locate the hottest July 7 midsize SUV market, then there's the big rise space.

skoda in August this year will also launch a Octavia station wagon, while positioning will be higher than that of Shanghai Volkswagen, faw Volkswagen wei lang, but as a synchronization model overseas may be more vulnerable to consumer acceptance.In may to see faw-vw wei led sales reached 4621 cars and also proved that the station wagon in the domestic market, not only the lack of a price, configuration, positioning can let consumers to accept.

on May 18, skoda issued KAROQ in Stockholm, Sweden, new car positioning in the compact SUV, carrying based on MQB platform.The car in the future will also enter the domestic market sales, released early this year in guangzhou auto show debut and Chinese name, is listed on the first quarter of next year.Skoda ko dia gram have been successful at home, using the same design style KAROQ, there will be a wider range of potential consumer groups, the future of skoda sales role can not be ignored.

written in finally: Shanghai Volkswagen now finally realized the importance of the SUV models, in the popular brand reputation accumulated more, this year the way L and way, as if also should sell like hot cakes.The skoda brand, by contrast, are more worthy of attention.Yet for now the sales is not increased, but the change of brand image, ke dia grams, Octavia travel edition to the introduction of the main models, KAROQ, might push Shanghai Volkswagen sales reached a new level.

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