Tianjin port parallel imports "water too deep"

netizens have been poking fun at tianjin port car "water is too deep.For speculation from the outside, the tianjin port "water" is really deep to it's difficult to get to a trust of parallel imports?

tianjin parallel imports

this is impossible.Tianjin port is one of the country's largest parallel import auto center, high quality options available everywhere.However, whatever the industry are inevitable problems, due to the quality of practitioners can't unity, any industry there are individual enterprise violate compasses operation.In fact, the vast majority of swindle the customers, not the good faith management, pay attention can be screened.

tianjin parallel imports

today, small make up for how to choose a regular enterprise, high quality of the good faith management need to pay attention to what, in the process of car to which the department for help after encountering disputes and other issues and put forward some opinions and Suggestions for everyone, to help consumers car smoothly.

tianjin parallel imports,

case brief" reduction "

 tianjin parallel imports

in case the content part screenshot

nowadays, network marketing is becoming more commonplace, geographical boundaries between consumers and businesses is broken, the remote communication convenient, informative and the optional range is wide, has been widely accepted by consumers.But sales are not directly sales network, the car as a commodity, in particular, network marketing, direct purchase deals now is not common.Here small make up remind consumers, through the network marketing way when the choose and buy parallel imports, please carefully inspect car business qualifications.

tianjin parallel imports

validation company strength

if the car through the network sales model, pay attention to in the early screening the quality of the enterprise.

1. Through the baidu search company name and name of legal person to see whether there are related to negative information.You can also get related enterprise office address, office phone, can make a phone call to the enterprise, to determine whether contact the sales staff of the company staff.

2. The national enterprise credit information publicity system in national industrial and commercial bureau website, query the company business license number, check the company's business license to show the information is true, and specific information, enterprise management whether there have been nearly a year, serious illegal or irregular act honesty issues are recorded in the related departments "serious illegal faithless blacklist" and the company as a legal person has registered company business situation and credit record.

3. Pay attention to the registration time on company business license, registration and the longer the smaller relative risk.

4. Pay attention to check the business license of registered assets, generally only assume limited liability company, the company registered assets amount is larger, the higher the relative safety coefficient.Parallel import car value is larger, if the company registered assets of only 500000 yuan or less, consumers will need to think carefully about the company in the field of parallel import business qualifications, and their intention to reduce the share responsibility.

5. Pay attention to the business scope of view on the business license, the qualifications to confirm whether the company has sales is also very important.

6. Ask the salesperson the scene photographed with company name or logo of the booth: general port formal business dealers or wholesalers have long-term lease office space or the booth, with parallel imports to assist to determine whether the enterprise marketing qualification of formal enterprises.

tianjin parallel imports

identify sales

1. Check the sales staff photos and id information, convenient to verify sales staff identity, and properly retained.

2. Check the car ahead of the contract, whether by contract, the auxiliary judgment enterprise qualification and professional degree, be sure to read carefully, not credulous.Dishonest dealer fine point is the most common type of fraud in the contract.(about the matters needing attention in the process of signing the contract detailed in this paper the fourth) association is committed to standard industry standard, unified format contract is drafting a recent industry.Has been

3. If the tianjin port bonded area field vehicles, pay attention to alert to the flow of operating without a fixed location of sales staff members.Tianjin port free trade zone exists at present partial small and qualification is not regular "shell companies", to consumer advertising, when in fact junk, no options, earn price difference completely rely on the connection between consumers and have a car dealer, vehicles are sold once appear problem, there is no ability to solve coordination such companies.Working with buying vehicles increases the risks of buying.Association of access to the vast majority of cases, found that most consumers shopping fraud encountered because of failed to identify the "shell" companies.

4. Trade partner for sales staff personal money, to be extra vigilant

if choosing a businessman, on the Internet before trading was not clear, direct money is a kind of high risk behavior.If some customers need to pay the deposit, please pay attention to the way money and objects.

first, WeChat or pay treasure to transfer does not advocate, parallel import car value is larger, even if the deposit is in commonly ten thousand yuan of above.WeChat or pay treasure to transfer way, although convenient, but was unable to issue a certificate and electronic document print to save time is shorter, especially WeChat or pay treasure to transfer object for the sales staff when individuals need to be cautious.As a result, the public security organ prompt, ten thousand yuan of above big deals please use caution WeChat, pay treasure payment, and keep your receipt of payment transaction.

when the bank transfer should be paid attention to, only to company account remittance, refused to individual account remittance.After all personal bigger fluidity and the relationship with the company to verify is difficult, even if can confirm the sales staff of the company sales personnel, also can't confirm whether the company signed a formal labor contract with the employee.To prove to the company account remittance, the transaction takes place between the company and, once produce issue, consumers can also negotiate with the enterprise, achieve the greatest degree of human rights.

tianjin parallel imports

check the vehicle condition

1. Ask the purchased vehicle location at present, the" current car "may require pictures taken vehicle sales staff: parallel imports in sales has three states: traveling, to the port bonded and current car.

in road: vehicle to complete the purchase on our way to domestic, overseas for reasons of cost, many parallel imports in transit already into the sales process, this kind of situation is very difficult to take photographs in real vehicle.

bonded: vehicles in the process of customs clearance, pay the customs duties, general vehicles can be in the customs clearance.Because vehicles can enjoy 90 days after entering the bonded period, in order to reduce enterprise capital tie up, customs out of the bill and the owner will not enter the "tax", "tax" it until someone after ordering.Before the "tax" vehicles parked at the port or customs supervision in the library, which is bonded state.Vehicles parked in the bonded warehouse, theoretically dealer is that you can go to take photographs in details for car for sale, but the process would take certain human, therefore, provide the seller with vehicle details photos may have certain difficulty.

current car: vehicle has been sold by the enterprise exhibition hall, can be sold at any time, the state of the vehicle is the current car.In communication with the sales staff, you can ask the sales staff to understand current status of vehicle, if the sales staff commitment purchased vehicles for the car now, you can ask the sales staff put forward the purchased vehicles overall and detail pictures.If car sales staff commitment now but still refused to provide photos, there is a possibility is that the company itself is not reliable vehicles, can only draw a "pie" to consumers, the two sides reach a purchase agreement and then take a look for suitable vehicles, earn price difference, if unable to find, consumers will inevitably face to change.

tianjin parallel imports

if a car recently, require check vehicle procedures: procedures include certificate of imported goods of parallel imports, imports of motor vehicle accessory inspection sheet, vehicle conformance certificate and invoice.Procedure of parallel imports in the industry calls "qi" refers to the vehicle's cargo import, vehicle conformance certificate, certificate of import automobile accessory inspection sheet.Normally the meaning of the "procedures" does not include in the invoice, but normal company will be the item in the left movements issued by the customer.The above procedure is must be in the process of parallel imports the registration formalities, be short of one cannot.Procedure of "qi" is an important selling point of the vehicle, so the same configuration of parallel imports, same size labeling procedures of "qi" means that the consumer is more risky.

tianjin parallel imports

oda car -

in the process of choose and buy needs to pay attention to?

the contract, for both cars is one of the most important basis and credentials.Many consumers without read or did not know the full contents of the contract is in a hurry to sign and pick up the car thought as soon as possible to sign as soon as possible, the result often haste makes waste, lawyer clew consumer: take a closer look at purchasing contract, against the contract content and enterprise information clear, marked clearly in the contract after signing can effectively avoid fraud.

1. The focus of attention before the contract signing

the current car: if consumers buy parallel imports are scheduled overseas models or in transit vehicles sales in advance, not the car now, consumers can check the contract if there is a relatively specific delivery time range, such as not to be able to negotiate the contract with the enterprise in the calibration, such as: in the xx X month at the latest by car.

procedures are not the accessory: whether purchase invoices or off single, commodity inspection, certificate of conformity, if it is not the accessory to the hands of consumers, consumers can check the contract, whether on the delivery time, and asked mark clearly in the contract the delivery date, for example: the contract signing time for April 31, can mark, on May 30 before delivery the accessory procedures.The specific time can be agreed upon by both parties.If the enterprise has steadfastly refused to mark clear date, do not rule out companies in an attempt to withhold the possibility of secondary charging vehicles procedures, consumers have the right to terminate.

science time: current car - now ticket - formalities together

parallel import cars Yu Zhonggui car, buying patterns have some differences, some consumers in the process of car use to buy in the train of thought to measure gauge car buying process, encounter procedures lag with even wondered if I encounter fraud.In fact, in the process of parallel import car purchase, even through formal enterprises buy car procedures lag may exist now, belongs to the normal situation, consumers need not panic, please.

current car: vehicle has to port, but not payment means that consumers can carry off the vehicle immediately.May be due to the cooperation between enterprises, the vehicle mortgage in each other's company, after sales negotiation between enterprises to be a short, consumer before the car.

formalities together: refers to the vehicle for the regular channel import, can issue a formal procedures of complete vehicle.Vehicle relevant formalities may be in the hands of the sellers, also may not issued, is waiting for issued by relevant departments.

now ticket: vehicle has end of the process of customs clearance procedures have been in the hands of the sellers, after the paragraph can immediately draw up invoices for the consumer.

invoice need the vehicle to pass verification of the customs, commodity inspection issued formal procedures of a full range of vehicles (showing imported goods, imports of motor vehicle accessory inspection sheet, vehicle certificate of conformance) under the premise can be drawn.Vehicles in the process of customs clearance for the sake of cost may have entered the sales process, but all formalities completion time is not unified, for example, single issued by the commodity inspection need about 1 month time, single only need 5 days.Vehicles all procedures not all issued to a business, even if consumers inspect vehicles, fully payment, companies also are unable to offer consumers invoice, all the formalities.In general, the vehicle into the customs clearance process, complete vehicle detection need 15 days or so, the identification procedures of issuance of the longest will need about 1 month.

current car + procedures qi + ticket now: if sellers promise purchased vehicles is not mortgage relations with other enterprises of the current car, complete procedures are in place (qi) formalities, to draw up invoices after finish, after the paragraph means that the consumers can carry off the vehicle in time, without waiting for the formalities.

tianjin parallel imports

warranty: car after 3 packets of law, ticket to the parallel import vehicle development generally need to buy a quality guarantee compulsory insurance (also into three packs of risks), once appear quality problem, the insurance company is responsible for the compensation.The germplasm insurance generally need to compulsory purchase, when some companies make out an invoice, also can not buy, but need to sign a waiver, agreement general provisions, once appear quality problem, the customer give up the right of claim warranty, industry have this process is called "escape".Consumers may consult companies before signing the contract, the vehicles are forced to buy insurance, whether can choose to sign the "exemption", both sides talks things over is involved in the vehicle price quality insurance?And pay attention to in the contract if there is a content labeling mandatory quality insurance pay before the car.Mark in the contract, for example, the need to pay the car prices 20% of compulsory insurance to the car, the customer can ask to figure out the specific price, clearly in the contract.If consumers have objection to the price, can continue to negotiate, until both sides have no objection to sign.

"package" purchase program, can also be referred to as the "package", some consumers have the need of form a complete set of purchase, so enterprise on-demand launch vehicles "package".But consumers shall have the right to refuse to choose package, the enterprise shall not force any form of sell the matching purchase plan.

tianjin parallel imports

about car licences required procedures, please contact the local bureau in advance.

now parallel import cars to enter the Chinese market have been modified, comply with the provisions of the domestic automobile for the registration, there is no problem of the cities in the country.But the specific operation, because some models did not appear on the DMV record directory, need some coordination and waiting.

and, as a result of the national management system is not yet connected to the Internet, various areas where policy is different, the procedure to need also might be slightly different, consumer had better know DMV registration formalities required in advance to the city, when purchasing contact enterprise special procedures of targeted, can save all subsequent problems.

tianjin parallel imports

occurrence dispute?

1. Contact the consumer association rights

2. Warning: the police substation telephone: 110

tianjin economic criminal investigation brigade

fraud: deliberately concealing the truth to induce misunderstanding when the behavior of others.As long as there is deliberate fraud behavior person to implement the possibility of fraud and lead to misunderstandings when others, shall constitute fraud.Belong to civil cases.

fraud: for the purpose of illegal possession, with dummy fact or conceal the truth, the method of diddle large amount of public or private property behavior.The criminal case.

whistleblowers in charge of proof, the specific definition is given priority to with the case facts.

as a dealer in poor condition can be reported to economic criminal investigation brigade, fraud to the police station to report.

3. Contact tax inspection department: any tricksters malicious fraud consumer companies, tax issues, there must be a scam or fraud consumers can try deparment to report to the internal revenue service bureau.

tianjin deparment to report the irs bureau

tianjin parallel imports

oda car -


in the company business qualification, sales personnel identification, vehicle procedures complete, and before the formal contract, try not to play or down payment, under appropriate conditions, the present view inspection enterprise qualification and vehicle quality, seeing is believing.Take a closer look at the terms of the contract, especially for additional charge, the terms of the mandatory 3 packets, such as have not clear, the vague carefully ask merchants, appropriate can save the recording, video, as evidence in case of one thousand.Clearly in all terms confirmed after payment.

after buy parallel imports vehicles, to verify the accessory delivery of the relevant documents, including: cargo certificate of imports, imports of motor vehicle accessory inspection sheet, vehicle conformance certificate, household car "3 packets" certificate and other related accessory files and documents.In addition, tianjin inspection and quarantine bureau for each in the tianjin customs declaration of imported cars with a qr code, location in the open after driving on the left door, car dashboard below.Consumers can scan qr code, understand vehicles photos, basic information and vehicle inspection and quarantine, expression and physical vehicle configuration configuration to verify whether consistent.

special remind consumers pay attention to is: now is parallel import car market pricing, the price is very transparent.Parallel import auto maker said: "the parallel import cars already very thin profits", so don't easily believe that low price promotion, limited sales gimmicks, on the premise of follow the market rules, market price to buy the vehicle to parallel imports industry.

tianjin parallel imports

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