You drive, you will be as clever as he?

this example scenario you familiar with, perhaps this is a lot of my driving style.Motorcycle through a red light is wrong, but for those who can't change things, don't take the time to, it doesn't make any sense.We need to learn in every car accident scenarios reflect themselves, correct all actions may bring potential safety hazard.

you when driving, you will be as clever as he?

the scene is very typical, is a major intersection, motorcycle at the time of to the middle position, north and south direction of the green light, all got started driving straight.

if trouble-causing car can like everyone, don't try so hard through the intersection, the accident would not have happened.Let's take a look at the car the following error behavior patterns:

1, compaction when near the intersection line change lanes at random

you when driving, you will be as clever as he?

it can be seen that the driver's driving style is very casual, casual compaction line, the random variable, it is a very bad habit, a lot of the root cause of the accident is due to the driver.

2. The driver is not willing to slow down

don't know you found no, a lot of drivers are not willing to slow down, always follow the "don't let speed" tao mistake, often used to secure a lane change speed does not change.The driver also is such, too slow vehicles, see the green light, lane change immediately, just to keep speed does not drop.

but we all know, the driver should follow the principle is "let the speed not pass", because on the motorway, don't literally moving direction to ensure safety.

3, the concept of the driver no blind area

you when driving, you will be as clever as he?

the crossroads, he left hand side of the vehicle, actually formed the blind area, had a cover on his sight, by definition, every blind spot the driver should slow down for the brake.He rushed past in the opposite direction to accelerate and eventually caused the tragedy.

4, drivers don't know how to correct by crossing

more than 50% of the city traffic accident appeared in the intersection, the intersection is very typical path changes, we have no choice, fast to the crossroads, can slow down, for the brake, after seeing much through again.

there is a conclusion, please reference: intersection, if you cut at a speed of 60 km/H to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, casualty rate was 80%;If you cut at a speed of 40 km/H to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, casualty rate at 40%.

you when driving, you will be as clever as he?

so, each intersection, you must mind fear, slow down!

driving one of the best quality is honesty and compliance to obey the law, be sure to discard cleverness, don't think the car in front of the thumbs, save slot for me to rush, let me go to drill, when many seemingly good opportunity is trap.

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