CCTV: 100 litres of combustible ice could make cars run 50000 kilometers

combustible ice is the first time China sea was successful, 100 l can let the car run 50000 kilometers

CCTV: 100 litres of combustible ice could make cars run 50000 kilometers

on May 18, combustible ice is the god of the south China sea fox China sea was a continuous 187 hours of stable gas.This is the first time in our country realize the waters combustible ice was successful, will have a profound impact on energy production and consumption revolution.CCTV said, one can run 100 kilometers and 100 litres of gas, so with the same volume of combustible ice, the car can go 50000 km.


@ yu elder brother rolling plate: original factory equipped with 300 litres of combustible ice, 150000 kilometers, don't have to add oil.

@ the river guest: how can directly to the car with combustible ice.Gasification, other combustible ice combustion products is carbon dioxide.Irreversible climate warming.

@ armed giant pandas: this is false advertising of the concept of sameness.1 atmospheric pressure of 1 cubic gas equivalent to about 1.2 -liter gasoline, 100 litres of combustible ice = 16 cube gas, MAO GuGu 18 litres of petrol, can make the car can run 300 kilometers to the sky.100 litres of run 300 kilometers is compressed natural gas, and combustible ice 1:16 0 is natural gas under atmospheric pressure.

changan LingXuan listed, opponents at the baojun 730

CCTV: 100 litres of combustible ice could make cars run 50000 kilometers

on May 18, changan LingXuan officially listed, new cars were running the 1.6 L engine 3 models, the price range of 6.79-80900 yuan, the car is changan launched the first MPV models.

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as the first MPV models, changan auto launch LingXuan overall performance is good.In addition, will also get further enrich in product layout, the future will become auchan, auchan A800 and LingXuan product mix.From the point of market pattern, it needs to face the competition is very cruel, such as the baojun 730, lifan hin lang, popular S500 models are good products, LingXuan to beckoning to marketing work harder in the future.Home of (car)

as for 1.6 L model on sale early, LingXuan aim is the mainstream of the independent brand go volume MPV models, power adequate, high configuration high levels in appearance, the price of the economy.Changan hope to improve their own leading and independent research and development system.From the vehicle platforms, powertrain to vehicle calibration, showed a slightly stronger than the opponent's strength.At the same time give you left a "1.5 T recruit" suspense, I waited to see, changan LingXuan can become "MPV upgrade" the first person to eat crabs.(a cat car)

baojun 310 launched a new version 1.5 L, 4.58 53800 yuan

CCTV: 100 litres of combustible ice could make cars run 50000 kilometers

the baojun 310 new added three new 1.5 L model, price is 4.58 53800 yuan.Compared with cash models, the new increase the headlamps lens and main driver seat height adjustment, as well as 6 mt gearbox, motivation of carrying a 1.5 L P - TEC engine, maximum power of 112 horsepower, peak torque of 147 cattle, m.

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the baojun 310 new 1.5 L engine did well on the data, baojun towards low twist the wireless setup, very suitable for urban roads, but no ESP equipped is indeed a great pity, more users will want to price rise, it added.(My wheels)

the baojun 310 launch dynamics model, 1.5 L can make up only a 1.2 L displacement the awkward choice, at the same time, the power of this paragraph 1.5 L data also pretty good;However, the only regret is no automatic-shift cars this car, if there are automatic, estimated sales there will be a qualitative improvement.Street (car)

early push three models, on June 3, Stelvio listed

CCTV: 100 litres of combustible ice could make cars run 50000 kilometers

alfa romeo Stelvio will be opened on June 3, Hong Kong and Macao auto show officially listed, expected sale price is 430000 yuan, early introduction of 3 2.0 T models, top brand Stelvio QV high-performance version while the first a temporarily not listed, but the future will also be introduced, or for the fastest in 2018.

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alfa romeo even in the design of the system is outstanding in the brand, so the Stelvio in some inconspicuous place this car found some surprising small design is very normal, coupled with its profound brand culture as well as the expected strong movement performance, the full "tone", it is those who believe that luxury brands such as ABB too "common" the needs of users, not so cannot show their own unique taste.(easy car)

for purchasing budget of increasingly lucrative domestic users, over the past ten years around us there are too many middle, boring.Alfa romeo Stelvio such a personality is distinct models, if one is honest pricing, and has certain practicality, is a very good choice.Associate with because of the related policy, will be out of the domestic market of Toyota's 86 models, such as alfa romeo Stelvio can stick to it, to the user and the richness of the whole car market, are all good.(car how)

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