Leave after driving certificate indicates a drive, you must correct the three habits, suggested that collection


a lot of new friends and get driver's license when driving, will find no good coaches, private cars is the problem of the car?Actually, the reason is that driving school coach what I taught you belong to the exam-oriented education, does not apply to daily driving, if in daily driving or teaching methods according to the training, it is very easy to a problem.Small make up today will tell you about some driving schools teach error, attention should be paid to the new friends.

a, coaches and the difference between private cars

1, coaches of idle speed higher

many novice when the car is easy to cut out, but in practice the car driving, drivers Ed is rarely shut down.The reason is that in order to make students more easy to start, the driving school coach drivers Ed the idle speed is high, reduce the number of students to practice the car midway stall.

2, coaches clutch travel long

in private cars, gently lift the clutch is easy to die, and coaches will not appear this kind of circumstance.This is due to the driving school coaches clutch travel long, loose clutch is not very easy to stall.

3, coaches throttle response slow

in practice when the car driving, even if very hard step on the gas velocity will not improve quickly, students can step on the gas, and do the action.And private cars as long as a step on the gas, the car boom blunt go out.This is because the coaches of the gas is converted, let the gas become less sensitive to prevent safety accident appeared in the process of operation.

leave after driving certificate indicates a drive, you must correct the three habits, recommended collection

2, correct driving method

1, the start:

driving law: after starting the engine, the clutch is crushed to death, hanging, a hand brake, then slowly lift the clutch, to a half linkage, vehicle smooth start, after the car go up, the clutch all the loose end.

the right approach: start when appropriate add some accelerator, such as higher engine speed and slow downs, so it is not easy to stall.

2, shift:

driving law: a start, start to speed up on the accelerator in second gear, speed up to 20 km/h in three block, speed up to 30 km/h in four block, speed of more than 40 km/h in five gears.To shift step by step, can't jump.

the right approach: to keep the engine at a reasonable speed, high speed, rose up to block, low speed, the block began to fall.

3, clutch:

driving law: the first step on the clutch, brake again

the right approach: first the brakes slow down, speed down before you step on the clutch.

the engine when we don't go (without disconnection of the clutch) on the wheels will have the effect of a drag and drop, this is what we call in addition to brake the engine braking.First step on the clutch again on the brakes is equal to give up the engine braking, the inertia of the pressure to the brake.If the speed too fast, the road is slippery, the car is easy out of control.So must develop, the brakes first, and then step on the clutch.

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