"Dismantling slasher" byd: walk others road, let others no way out

byd's market share is very big, and warren buffett's support, but recently the government's subsidy cuts seriously affected the sales of byd electric vehicles.

shenzhen byd factory, more than 600 workers and rows of robot will install to the electric vehicle tires and dashboard, a car every 90 seconds out of the production line."We can be in 45 seconds to assemble a car ", the factory coordinator li said.

" to assemble a day on average 500 , height can reach 900. "

byd is a famous brand in China, is also the world's largest manufacturer of electric vehicles.In previous years, byd has maintained double-digit growth, but since the government began to cut electric subsidies, its sales start to plummet.According to market research firm JL Warren Capital data, byd hybrid cars "qin" accounted for 31% of China's electric vehicle market share.

now byd, can be obtained from the cars and all kinds of battery products revenues of $14.5 billion.But it is not satisfied with this, byd hope to guarantee profits at the same time try to cut costs.Byd's method is to increase the electric car production , to the local government to sell more of electric bus, train, taxi, at the same time by increasing the total output in order to reduce the manufacturing cost.

byd is started with low cost.In 1995, wang created byd collected $300000.He and a team of 20 studies the patent other battery makers, then put the battery apart and study its parts and assembly principle.They have to understand the chemical composition of the battery and manufacturing environment.

half a year later, wang chuanfu team finally in without humidity control in production of the plant dry battery , this is better than its rival SANYO (SANYO).

wang rely on cheap Labour has devised a semi-automatic production system.By 2002, byd has a staff of 17000 people, and become the of the world's top one of nickel-based battery and lithium ion battery manufacturers .

as the battery market matures, rising star to byd under pressure.Later, Mr. Wang began to enter the new car market at that time.

at the beginning, Mr. Wang will research the routines do the same thing, battery research and development the F3 compact cars priced at $6000.He led a team of engineers and dismantling the Toyota corolla, analysis of car body and engine.Shanzhai corolla was born.

because the price is only half of corolla, byd F3 become one of the most popular cars in China.Five years later, byd auto sales have enough and the well-known brands, such as Volkswagen, Toyota, compared to the shoulder.

not long after, byd engineer and develop the "dual mode" hybrid cars.It is not only cheap, a single charging efficiency is higher than the Toyota prius. this time, byd will no longer use dismember solution.Engineers have known as battery, motor and control system, and combine all technology is byd "native" hybrid cars.

byd's time.In 2015, in order to slow economic growth, the Chinese government proposed the "made in China 2025".The program highlights several key areas, including clean energy vehicles .Byd's goal is to sales in 2020, 2020 cars in the next 10 years by 7 million.

the government subsidies for electric vehicles also sparks of the electric car revolution.In the past two years, byd auto sales growth about 45% every year.

according to the auto industry association report, last year, China's auto sales to 28 million, including 507000 for electric cars.Although the electric cars accounted for the proportion of sales is not big, but it has increased by 53% from a year earlier.

but not for long.In January, the government cut the purchase subsidies for electric vehicles, the purpose is to eliminate smaller, small companies to rely on subsidies, forcing auto industry began to industry consolidation. byd profits in the first quarter was down to $88 million (605.8 million yuan), down 29%, sales also fell 34%.

in order to prevent collapse, byd hope to its bus, garbage trucks, trains, and other new products to the global promotion, and ultimately provide a clean energy city traffic system. government subsidies will again play an important role, byd has also begun to invest in France and Hungary bus factory .

in shenzhen ping mountain district is clean ecosystem of peach blossoms.Byd's headquarters is located in the plateau mountainous area byd road, passengers byd taxi to come here to see the mighty byd hexagonal building.Thousands of cars parked in the peripheral, imposing manner is enough.Beside is byd solar panels and byd overhead monorail.

"you know what is the largest industry in the U.S. funding? Is the bus", byd us vice President Michael Austin (Michael Austin), says America's capital spending on buses 80% comes from the federal government.

in California Lancaster, Austin, lead the production team of 300 buses for the U.S. market every year. Austin said he has 100 port order electric cars, and also working on electric trailer of research and development at the airport.

but criticism is also exist.One of JL Warren Capital stock analysts believe that byd monorail is zero innovation on technology, and public transportation department has also tend to be saturated.

Asimco industrial technology co., LTD. (Asimco Technologies) former CEO Jack Perkowski (Jack Perkowski) think that looking for a new city a handful of public transportation, energy, byd to persuade local governments to invest $800000 on the green bus will not be easy.

however, byd is striding forward.Allegedly, once the byd monorail through test, the byd will be the lowest cost of monorail supplier , only 120 million yuan ($17.4 million) per kilometer.7 km of Las Vegas monorail, by contrast, opened in 2004, for $654 million.

in the face of challenge, company executives respond, byd is a secondary innovation company.

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