Older youth welcomes emgrand GS home Pulpy look fondle admiringly


I, gender male, age 32, ha ha!Man 30 flower, is also a real after 80.After 80, if you want to use one word to describe?
one word is too difficult for the growth of 80 after is not eaten too much suffering, but also face a lot of pressure.Around as it did in the 1960 s after 80 young americans, too much temptation, too much challenge, also express individuality and emotions.Only after the Kennedy's "what did you do for the country" will be Reagan's "for the country to do something for you.So far, as long as oneself housing, it is good to live.
oh, accidentally digress.I'm from guangxi, engaged in interior design work.Until now already has 78, work is stable, income also can also.Met the queen of my house soon after graduating from college are adults.Pandering to the marriageable age, this is not to take our family pulpy home first.
when the queen decided to buy a car and my house, began to look on the net, see 100000 car, so the question comes, what to buy car?Geely, kei, zhongtai and hippocampus, too!Look at the models on the computer, see configuration, price, will also go to BBS to see others' test drive feel or the car feel very is envy.Finally my queen's adult is single-minded, at first glance, she settled on a geely emgrand GS, they said like the feel of this crossover SUV, she also suit fit me!!!!!!!Also specify and give it up there grain of orange to orange ~ ha ha ~ estimate advertising play well!Advertising poster is blue and orange, I will do, as long as she like it!Almost immediately left a message on the Internet, there are 4 s shop, the salesman give us asked my intention model.As it happens, just have a car now...Choose an auspicious day to the store now to ask directly!
hee hee!Nonsense not say, let everyone see my energetic pulpy.Sunday when pick up the car to take the treasure for years fool camera is home!Don't laugh ~

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