The people in the name of the monkeys to turn back?Inventory of the key characters

recently hit TV series "in the name of the people" because the novel genre, large scale, emotional performance coupled with many old play bone and social praise, don't know friends notice in the name of the people's car, but also learned the car set!

provincial party committee secretary of the "gold"

ShaRuiJin secretary is by far the largest factory official in the play, he flew on two cars.

the first passenger car is Toyota coaster medium-size

sand secretary to the countryside to investigate

) is one of the world be recognized" luxury coach "pronoun, modelling and excellent performance of beauty, like the customers of all over the world.It is also one of countries designated as the official business between China and Pakistan.

Toyota coaster medium-size

sand secretary has always sit car A6L, license plate is 000001, han audi A6 is needless to say, for many years the officer of the car.

sand secretary to send two old people

. Com to Kang Shuji

da Kang Shuji as deputy ministry officials, his car is also a audi A6, license plate is the han 000009 specs.

da Kang Shuji send daughter-in-law plane

" American chef "Ding Yizhen, season's attorney general

two departmental leadership car is Volkswagen passat, have occurred many times in the play.This also conforms to the position of the two standards.

Ding Yizhen fleeing

" corrupt "qi wei

the qi of the car is Toyota prado, it also conforms to his public security identity, to know our country public security department purchasing a lot of Toyota suv, indeed this is most obvious in Tibet (Tibet police are prado, basic land tour, etc.).

qi with wei visit age

" tough wu3 song "zhao east

zhao car should be a Honda accord, the comfort of this car was very good.

" mind universe "sun warden

Eric used buick model, is a very practical commercial vehicles.

" heaven "Hou Liangping

monkey in the middle of the first episode in the process of" farmer's son "Zhao Dehan, using the domestic gold cup, jinbei can pull people can slide, and very low profile.

landscape villa xiao-qin gao

xiao-qin gao treated with corrupt officials, shuttle chosen is gm Chevrolet, GMC, this isn't a cheap car, land price millions, absolutely is a real luxury.

wind factory boss CAI success

the old CAI drove a Mercedes s-class sedan, it is very accord with the identity of the businessman, in the old CAI's words" good appearance, to apply for a loan ".

reaches the kang wife yang-jing ou

yang-jing ou open and Mercedes, the body is not big, it should not be the s-class, it is possible that the mercedes-benz c-class, 3.4 million price.

the last on the monkey" corruption "a figure!

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