Car circles "reaches the kang" hot, "secretary" fire in addition to the water bottle and car

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"in the name of the people" is popular, wu gang's secretary Li Dakang circle powder.Spread to the entire network in the world.

why?Because the "inside the wife outside the pit, a former subordinates on the hide, leave the debt, and colleagues around on" "has been run in the GDP" cadre was wu gang as flesh and blood, personality is distinct, fate, you'll never forget.

a flash, da Kang Shuji same kind of water cup, is Kang Shuji waistcoat, and even reach Kang Shuji with model of double eyelids stick to become the current hot trend.

but in coil car, Li Dakang secretary also suddenly became the "face" to the fire.

is not only a netizen called the bridge because of the acting of "god" tells of Kang Shuji sent his ex-wife five police cars on the highway to the airport after the plot, and become the automotive circle everyone wants to be in the hot topic of headlines.

even with Kang Shuji didn't any relationship between the brand also try at this point the way to swab "reaches the kang zoology and hot".

here will look at how to use together with NBD car "da Kang Shuji" become subject headlines.

as to Kang Shuji of original car, audi A6L also had a pair of "red net addiction", obtained the unprecedented attention.Even many dealers at this as a marketing gimmick to sell cars.

we concern most is da Kang Shuji as a provincial official, equipped with audi A6L conform to the bus after the reform of the use of rules, followed by poking fun at audi A6L performance.

first of all, the level is higher than of Kang Shuji officer a few of the provincial party committee secretary ShaRuiJin car is the audi A6L, then according to the official car standards, audi as da Kang Shuji car is really a small bug, but watching TV is a pleasure, so look on the face of da Kang Shuji this small problem we just ignore for the time being.

for audi's performance problems, is a lot of netizens wondered way: "is audi's center of gravity be unsteady? Why is there eat rear tire phenomenon!"

the cause that causes netizen so confused because someone pointed out that in the Kang Shuji sending his former wife to the airport the scene, suspected of audi seems to have a eat rear tire.

even the net friend helpful hints of Kang Shuji: "Li Dakang secretary you take his ex-wife to the airport on time, I saw when she get off your rear wheel audis is a litter phenomenon, hereby remind, the good life of peace! Career move."

believes that the audi will see a net friend so comment on some injustice:" TV series have shot camera shooting Angle flight reservation, editing a variety of factors, and the baby is directly. Blare blare..."

in addition to audi, roewe also because the airport high-speed car chase scene made full ten for their propaganda.

not only express the Kang Shuji, also kua drop in their cars, the heat wave of capital of 666!

at the end of the article, don't forget to change to seduction, deep feeling to say: "da Kang Shuji, you don't thank me it doesn't matter, who let me be your loyal fan sister! Don't bend, GDP will drop, don't cry, laugh, director of the qi, have my roewe to protect you, your pan can need not back again, GDP and the achievements are no problem, you will fall!"

NBD car you see also had to last roewe say:" is lost."

compared with roewe, harvard car-scrapping much.Direct said he is "aware of fengtian Li Dakang" also said harvard and da Kang Shuji biggest common characteristic is "hoping to run on the road of GDP".

these routines whatever you give up, is to convince the NBD car king.Good gossip not much said, the car you want to look at the TV.Da Kang Shuji wait for me!

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