See the word "blood", the 4 s store manager showdown car "trap"

most people when buying a new car is preferred 4 s shop, formal channels and mature after-sales service, complete auto parts and so on all make us to 4 s store sales model, but we all know that the 4 s store of deep water, if we don't alert to finally can only eat YaBaKui in advance, then we get into the business, my friend, a local 4 s inn hall manager to showdown with everybody under the 4 s shop car "trap"!


1:" 4 s shop for a car ", some 4 s shops in order to improve the profit of the vehicle, the beggar's version of vehicles equipped with navigation (say original navigation are on the market cost low, but a problem 4 s shop give you repair), leather seats, leather seats installation method: put the seat down, near to the decoration shop, machine packaging so-called rough fake leather, costs about 300 or so), leather steering wheel, taobao's sports package, price finally came to a big price cuts, let not understand car customers think this discount is big, high configuration, actually this kind of car is not to choose, be sure to write car configuration choice good talk about the original car, don't fall into 4 s store routines.

2: ornaments, 4 s shop decoration, can not buy don't buy, price no advantage, given a car sticker to you you also don't want to, are low cost, if the brand such as 3 m film they won't give it even lets you add, the fixed line decoration in the decoration shop or taobao best to select the desired brand decoration, buy the rest assured with the comfort.

3: price, price must be horizontal comparison, the price of normal website not believe but cannot deny is certainly worth reference, and nearby cities price, comparing to the 4 s shop more than some cities to see your phone number is outside in order to attract you to buy a car, can give you a low price to lure you directly, so you should choose car area almost the lowest price in thousands, pay attention to don't put the 4 s shop decoration when preferential, 10000 yuan decorate individual 4 s shop in May 1000 costs are worth it.


4: try-out driving: most when buying a car owners will open first round, some 4 s shops on the test drive vehicles are almost always match the top, even the largest displacement, you open up very comfortable, of course, the sales will say large displacement and small start city open about the same, and test drive configuration but less on tens of thousands of price difference, so be prepared, don't think the feeling of the test drive is the model you choose.

5: conclude a contract for the car: returning customers usually sign pre contract, contract part 4 s shop have a "book" and "car" two kinds of fonts, be sure to select "book" car contract, because some 4 s shops in order to prevent customer return cars, in a contract of fudging also abound, normal, after ordering contract is signed, the client has the right to return the car, unless both parties have any special agreement before.


6: maintenance: 4 s shop maintenance is expensive, if go to outside the regular repair and maintenance, also can enjoy 4 s shop 3 packets of policy (specific see 3 packets), some 4 s shops to scare you to let you in the warranty period must be in the 4 s shop and maintenance, make you money.

away down payment loans: the so-called zero down payment loans, is 70% off the bank loans, the remaining 30% in another bank loan, loan repayment to pay two bank CARDS, and fees and interest together after take out the high fees, so it had to, try not to zero down payment.

these are my friends summed up the 4 s shop car matters needing attention, hope that we can rational consumption, more than you met this kind of thing?

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