New buy a used car spontaneous combustion two minutes only skeleton


on April 10, in a moving car sudden spontaneous combustion.Although the owners when emergency take relevant measures, but due to the fire spread quickly, to save, the last car to only skeleton, completely destroyed.

why vehicles spontaneous combustion?What kind of car easy spontaneous combustion?Spontaneous combustion before have what symptom?The evening news "car you I him" reporter interviewed related professionals.

it burned out two minutes

li (a pseudonym) recently wanted to buy a car, and want to buy a used car to headphones first, then in early April, he spent 10000 multivariate, in jiaxing used-car market friends bought a Chevrolet car in the shop.

after whole vehicle check and deal with relevant formalities, li successfully got the license plate.On April 10, hang up business park will be going to his car license plate.Instead, the car has just opened near the garden road and the punch corner a spontaneous combustion has taken place.

vehicle sign is not without fire.According to li, in front of the fire for a few minutes he smell a burning.He just feel strange at first, what is the real thought of smell, then taste more and more strong, soon see smoke come out from the hood.Man choi lee realized that a fire broke out at this time, the car stopped to see what had happened, who knows how all can't open the hood.Although he is very worried, but it doesn't have any way.

at this time, the flame has shot up.A bus specialise in the car, the driver to stop out of the fire extinguisher to help put out the fire.But because the hood can't open, can only use the fire extinguisher back-hand sweep from the outside, is like a light dusting, no any effect.

after a while, the firefighters arrived and fire extinguishing measures are taken, the fire is too fierce, however, the car can cook only skeleton.

"too fast, just two minutes. Later, firefighters tell me, is can't open the hood, because stuck inside a screw."Li said.

it is reported that li bought this used car, register for the first time in about 10 years ago, was later turned two hand, li is the fourth car owners.Because the old more than 7 years, cannot buy spontaneous combustion risk.But according to li, he used car business friend has promised to give him a second-hand car.

at present, the cause of the fire is still in further investigation.

automotive battery experts, south lake evening advisory board member of diligence and preliminary analysis think shen, this is likely to be wire aging caused by the fire."Line is an important part of the car, in the long run will be aging. Where broken aging short circuit, is easy to burn directly."

how to avoid spontaneous combustion

is not the worst car spontaneous combustion accident, the car spontaneous combustion phenomenon of jiaxing.In September 2014, a BMW X5 new car on the highway in jiaxing spontaneous;In May 2015, haining a Mazda car spontaneous;In 2016, pinghu, jiashan, car spontaneous combustion accidents happen.

reporter roughly comb, these car spontaneous combustion time of the accident is not fixed, spontaneous combustion accident is not summer, winter also has, happen when it rains.

the message from jiaxing city public security bureau, in 2016, the traffic police after statistics on motor vehicle fires found that the majority of car fire, accounted for more than 40%;Car state fires in the majority, accounting for about 70%;The cause is in the majority with electrical system, accounting for more than 60%.

car spontaneous combustion phenomenon, not only the owner of lost property, but also may endanger the safety of life.So, how to maximize prevent car spontaneous combustion accidents?

has had a deep research of car spontaneous combustion phenomenon of diligence and summarizes shen, car spontaneous combustion, the problem basically in line.From this point of view, notice at ordinary times maintain car it is very important, especially for more attention should be paid to.

what kind of car are prone to spontaneous combustion?Hard to shen said, the first is a modified car, because the modified the original car circuit;The second is soaked by water car, once wire is soaked by water, is easy to joint oxidation;Vehicles in more than four years, for a third car, because the wire insulation is easy ageing, long period of time due to short circuit, old car oil aging, sludge accumulation, is not easy to heat dissipation, also easy to cause spontaneous combustion.

thrift shen also said that, the temperature is high, try not to put the goods such as perfume, lighter in the car.This is because once the car temperature is too high, easy to cause fire explosion.

if you can't avoid spontaneous combustion, the owner how to minimize losses?The most effective way is to buy spontaneous combustion risk.Is the full name of spontaneous combustion risk vehicle fire insurance, is an additional risk of CDW.Owners only purchase coverage, can buy spontaneous combustion risk.

spontaneous combustion risk need how many money?The reporter understands, as a result of spontaneous combustion risk is to determine by the CDW insurance amount, so the insurance amount of coverage is higher, the spontaneous combustion risk the higher the premium.Spontaneous combustion risk premium is calculated according to the old rate: 1 year old, old rate at about 0.15%;1 to 2 years of car around 0.18%;2 to 6 years of car around 0.2%;6 years at around 0.23%.Such as a car three years age, worth 100000 yuan, price of spontaneous combustion risk in 200 yuan.

in general, new car purchase of spontaneous combustion risk.Once spontaneous combustion, but everything has one thousand, vehicle owners request to timely report to the police and fire departments to issue first cause of the fire in the book ", if is caused the quality problem of the car, should be put in a claim to dealer.If it is caused by a third party to a third party claim.Source:

south lake evening

reporter: Long Ling

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