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zhongtai car

zhongtai new enable new logo by a simple Word "Z" form, strong brand recognition, whole feels modern atmosphere, highly in line with the aesthetic trend of internationalization.

it is understood that the triple meanings" Z "word, is a combination of both the auto ZOTYE English first letter" Z ", at the same time, also is a blend of "zhejiang province", "China" first letter "Z", a symbol of the Thai car should not only based on zhejiang, China based, casting can be on behalf of the Chinese car brand enterprise target, more contains the zhongtai car towards the world, stands in the global industry dream.

in addition, the "Z" word also fuses the concept of a "ambition", is a diplomat.As the representative of the new car companies zhongtai unceasingly enterprising, made just a few short years.And the significance of the new logo also zhongtai car dares to strong-arm reaction, invulnerable, grab the commanding heights, Chinese national automobile the aspirations of young pioneers.

byd auto

the byd logo is in the independent brand cars were in the sound of a brand, most although byd's cost performance is more and more be sure, but wave upon wave of calls in mark is really a wave.

BYD English signs is derived from the "Build Your Dreams", Chinese translation is "achievements dream", this is BYD "building China's national automobile brand" dream, meaning is very to force.

since 2007, BYD's logo from the previous blue sky white clouds with BYD three letters, has been has changed in recent 10 years, and at night you'll also find some models on three letters at the end of the scale will glow, and they are no electricity to form a luminous oh, this is BYD original creation and has a technical invention patent, red light is not on the night electricity and light, but a kind of special metal, automatically shine in the darkness. of course, there are a lot of people will think this is "LOW".

now, the only can let a person without controversy is byd's new energy vehicles compromising for local standard, such as byd, tang, song, yuan change new energy cars in order to have Chinese style the design of Chinese characters, is there any seconds kill all leaving the country.Changan automobile

the first inner circle of small radius of the significance of the earth we live, big square around the blue earth, moral changan row, second blue background expresses the chang 'an science and technology, the development of the green idea, finally a dynamic v-shaped have Victory (Victory) and Value (Value).

to changan logo on the inside of the letter" V "is of great significance:

rich quality and industrial V, and the inversion of the plough, changan automobile sound principles, the pioneer of China's modern industry and military industry background.

may be V, like held up his hands, expressed the chang 'an science and technology innovation, the value orientation of eternal love.

vigorous virile V, again like a dragon in the day, the dragon proudly on the blue planet, moral changan automotive world to create a first-class enterprise of good vision.

Great Wall

the elliptical shape implication based on the world, to China;

beacon tower image symbol meaning of Chinese traditional culture;

jianfeng arrow implies a dynamic, thriving, dare to strong-arm reaction, unstoppable;

three-dimensional "1" implies rapid response, the race first.

harvard (HAVAL car

harvard is the Great Wall automobile positioning for the CUV models (City Utility Vehicle), the Chinese meaning is refers to the City Utility Vehicle, 05 harvard English called "HOVER", on behalf of the "fly".

since 6 years start bulk exports to the eu, had certain influence in the international market, the original English name has been registered in many countries.Had to find a moot, global pronunciation in English is more consistent with the words: "HAVAL".Want to give it have the meaning of all (omnipotent), which is the origin of the LOGO "HAVAL".

baojun car

baojun's LOGO is controversial and a brand, the whole LOGO for the shield, dark its reliable product quality, the shield for a central raised the horsehead, to the Chinese millions on behalf of the enterprise and brand owners and users.And the original meaning of "jun" is his horses baojun, namely people's most beloved horses.But how many people will think this is a "donkey head"?

han teng auto

to ask chinese-made most luxurious girlies logo logo, I think han teng logo is a, and leading the way.

within the cylindrical side, is the" intellectual circle line "harmonious inclusive of Oriental wisdom.Border of the silver quality feeling, full of modern high-end manufacturing central courageously prancing horse hooves, symbol of China's national car brand creativity and pioneering spirit, the red background is not only the traditional Chinese auspicious color, more represents positive surging power.

can only say that in terms of logo such "good foundation", han teng promising ah (PS: this is really a horse in the logo).

geely automobile

geely original logo is the classic" peaks "logo," oval "symbol of earth, facing the world, towards internationalization;Ellipse is one of the most stable in the dynamic, metaphor and wish geely enterprise steady as a rock, standing in the wind and rain;"Inner circle" blue symbol of the vast sky, beyond the endless, endless development;"Outer deep blue symbolizes the infinite universe, beyond the infinite, infinite space.

and geely's new standard is based on the emgrand Logo, is integrated into the original geely Logo of blue, and the shape was inspired by the" six-pack abs "healthy men, shield shape expressed the safe and reliable, and represents a clean blue sky, black implies the vast earth, double gem combination between a symbol of the geely automobile roam the earth, around the world.

roewe cars

the overall structure is a solid and firm coat, respect of dark combine their products reliable quality, and Shanghai automobile independent innovation, strong determination and the will of international development.

with red, black, gold three main tonal form, this is China's most classic, the most intrinsic three color, red warm and on behalf of the Chinese traditional festival, on behalf of the Chinese gold of riches and honour, black is symbol of dignity and solemnity.In the middle of the design of double lion escorted the huabiao, the lion is the king of beasts, in China at the front gate of palace hall, private a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, left and right sides respectively squat down a stone or copper dominant lion, promenading, Lin however not offend, represent the auspicious, majesty, grave.And huabiao is the classic totem symbols in Chinese culture, not only contains the nation's dignity, have vision at the same time, blessed country prosperity, the meaning of harmonious development.

below the design with modern technique of symbols are drawn by the letters "RW" fusion, is the abbreviation of the brand name, "RW" in the ancient Egyptian language at the same time also on behalf of the lion.

the bottom of the final design for symmetric integral four red and black pieces, implies the change of Yin and Yang of mystery, represents the pursuing new and change, continuous innovation, and beyond the enterprise.

southeast cars

the entire southeast automobile logo is according to the design of "the bird", representing the noble king, show a forward-looking, leaping, deep powerful enterprise style and "peng southeast, the four seas" the enterprise idea and ambition, to bring customers high quality and sense of honor of the visual impression.

" the bird "modelling as a whole by the" SOUTH "and" EAST "of the first letter of irregular change, refers to the southeast.

"the bird" the head of the modelling design, by the southeast head up, show the wings to fly, enterprise strong, strong enterprising spirit and ability.

the elliptical shape, symbol, a steady stream of energy is more like a heart that always the pursuit of progress and excellence.

firm with soft lines, highlights the southeast cars is "solid, practical, high quality" good car.

faw car

the faw logo needless to say, China faw core elements of visual identification system, with" 1 "as the visual center, formed by the word" steam "wings of an eagle, constitute an eagle in the visual image of the azure sky, meaning China faw helicopter strike force, spread your wings and fly.

gac and kei

the kei's logo comes from" wide "pronounce abbreviation, variant" G "in English, cylindrical symbol paths straight, delay refers to the gac in trying to climb the peak.

dongfeng automobile

dongfeng automobile logo, to the art deformation technique, take the scissors of the tail when the swallows fly as design basis, adopting the implicit expression.The main implication is double swallows dance dongfeng.Its style is novel, the fable, make a person associate to dongfeng gifts, natural spring, throughout vibrant scene.

China motor

the Chinese automobile logo is by a boxy bolded text" in "and outside around a circle, the overall shape is a bit like a trophy, the significance of the Chinese people are the best.


Chery's new LOGO with A circular ellipse as the theme, the "C" "b" "C" of three letters, is Chery Automobile Company.Among a diamond-encrusted shape stereoscopic triangle, color silver represents a simple sense, science and technology and the future.

new LOGO upgraded to circular ellipse, chery automobile yu from the rapid development of the early, to focus on technology, pay attention to quality, relying on the scientific system and international standard process of strategic transformation, is to pursue the development of brand, quality and efficiency of rational way.

in the middle of the diamond shaped composition represents the chery automobile demanding to the quality, and to make the quality like the diamond enterprise persistent goal;Chevron support, that represents the chery automobile persistent innovation, positive and optimistic, willing to share up energy, supporting quality, technology, international chery automobile to go on, at the same time, herringbone represents the letter A, chery automobile yu shi the pursuit of excellence and leading determination and passion.Beijing auto

Beijing automobile and Beijing auto group for unified logo, Beijing automotive group released a new brand identity will be "north" word as the starting point of design.

symbol" north "is the Beijing, China, and on behalf of the Beijing automotive group, manifests the enterprise the geographical attributes and status symbol.At the same time, "north" word like the form of a cheer, shows the "people-oriented" is the core of baic is always the same.Its inheritance and development of the automotive group, the original image, and presents a new vitality, and expressed the Beijing automotive group based in Beijing, with global ambitions.

id "north" word, in like two to open the door, it is the gate of Beijing, Beijing auto door, open the door, the door to the future, marked the baic is more marketization, collectivization, internationalization, and the group's new brand slogan "melts and the future of the world" complement each other, said Beijing auto group will be open to new, tolerant attitude to start the new brand strategy.

jianghuai auto

before jianghuai auto brand LOGO outside the oval is a symbol of the earth, that JAC through "integrating global resources, and make the world", achieve global operations.

another ellipse has the potential of that is contracting inward under the external force, warning JAC people always in the process of development of awareness continuous pressure and challenges from the external environment, to keep the crisis consciousness.

within five needle combination embodies the JAC self-reliance, hard work, order, learning innovation of the new spirit of the red army, symbol of upstream and downstream customers, employees, shareholders, partners and the related work closely, harmony and win-win, expressed the jianghuai auto system thinking, team learning, coordination and balance, pursuit of excellence in corporate philosophy.

and now the new standard is replaced by the letter LOGO.

lifan cars

lifan logo looks with buick is somewhat similar to that of three uppercase L, L like a sail, three L caused the thousand sails feeling, moral freedom, smooth, positive enterprising, unity, equality is proportional to the lifan's ambitions.

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