"Deep piece" tianjin xiali plot, lingering!

today du call beast xiali in tianjin and you talk about the human eye.Faw xiali has been China (tianjin) fist products, was hot for about 20 years, and recently announced the xiali seems to have been discontinued.Du call beast, a 28-year-old remember before I was 18, the people around there are many in the open xiali, especially when I was a child, if there is a home xiali cars, are all face a face very much.

is in the present, there are many local tyrants in tianjin xiali, shuttle in the city of tianjin.I've known A individual boss, water for 20 years to produce meaning, can say is very rich in the home, live in villa, there are cars parked at home, but go out to play, A lot of time on their own that one old xiali A +.I asked him: uncle, you are so rich, how still always open this xiali car, home of big rush is not willing to part with or use to open?

uncle's answer is simple: the car not afraid to take a lot of oil, but also not afraid dirty.I usually like to go fishing, raise pigeons, have the car is convenient, open habits, which are sometimes go out don't want to go to open it.

also don't say, local tyrants uncle said is quite right.The xiali car 1.0 L displacement, put in the family car, absolutely is a representative of the fuel economy, and the back seat can be folded, put some fishing rod, big things are no problem, the key is the car cheap, don't worry about to use.May think so for the older generation.

car home xiali A + car configuration parameters in the phone APP

actually in tianjin on the road, especially at night, often will see A lot of young people driving A modified xiali took to the streets, I'm not understand at the beginning, modified A car, so don't waste modified money?Think later also release, the first car cheap, the modification of the many young people dream, carefully look at the configuration again, my god!Incredibly are independent suspension before and after, ask: other car, all in China to sell the car, which have this configuration below 200000 car?Spend 30000 dollars can buy front and rear independent suspension, China faw also really is the net cost, also don't blame faw bad situation now, is indeed a conscience automakers, worthy of thumb up!

these involving cars, surrounded by motion, change cross-country configuration, but always, you can see that for the xiali car everybody love.The car actually, not only sell well in tianjin, was in the country is the first car sales year after year, I believe that everyone had seen the cars in cities.

there is a tour guide friends told me a story.Words is just a matter of a few years ago, on one occasion, he took group tour of tianjin, are a group of from shanxi, the regiment of big-spending coal boss, there are several came to tianjin tourism, on the first day to see my friend, is kind of ask, tianjin xiali car, where there are sold, wanted to buy one each.At that time, my friend was surprised, really have not seen this before, met to eat pancake fruit, seen buy 18th street twist, seen to Dai Haiou watches home, return true have never seen a tourists buy xiali car home souvenirs.Sure enough, the last six or seven people each bought a xiali car open happy heart of the open back to hometown in shanxi.

xiali car can be a sign of The Times, representing the tianjin, represents the nation's best-selling car, but now the car gradually decline.As tianjin people or for the xiali car, has a unique relationship.Do take him to and from school when I was a child, go to the hospital, go out to play, have a lot of memories.Some second-hand car trading market in tianjin now, most of all, sell xiali car, hope he will not go away.Blessing of xiali, memory of youth.

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