Want to ask naked car 80000 what can buy a car?

talk about my cars: working class, the economy is not bounteous, it is advisable to budget of 100000 or so, pay attention to the economy.Car main purpose is to go out to work at ordinary times, holidays family, 1 to 2 times a year go home visit, pay attention to safety.From the price, configuration, fuel consumption, maintenance, security, appearance, etc., are the more brand with joint venture cars and domestic cars, eliminate joint venture car.Around in the car and comparison, the final 2014 (51) chose arrizo 7 (distribution), car 80000, 100000, landing configuration is quite rich, hand from a body, multi-function steering wheel, cruise control, reversing radar, control, etc., no skylights (I do not smoke, the preferences window.Equipped with automatic headlights, padlock your late up window, rearview camera, xenon lamp.The car's advantages: the cage body, independent suspension, vehicle weight, tire after wide, long wheelbase, space is large.Use two and a half years, mileage of 44000 kilometers without any faults, in addition to the normal maintenance, only in a battery.Disadvantages: feeling high fuel consumption than the Japanese car, 10 litres (mainly in urban areas).

advice: choose domestic within 100000, more than 200000 selected imports (joint venture).Except the pack to force.

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